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So You’re Sayin There’s A Chance?

Update: YES! There is still a chance, even if it’s a small one!!! 

Today I visited with occupational therapy, and I received 4 new hand braces, one for each hand during the day, and one for each hand at night.  I will also receive a paraffin machine, to use on my hands 3x’s a day!  Painful joints = Extra Soft Hands! YES!

I have what is called De Quervain Tenosynovitis, which is really inflamed tendons in my wrists, where my thumb meets my hand. I ‘failed’ the Finkelstein test, but my right hand was much worse. The OT doctor thinks I may have possibly torn something in a fall (because I’m clumsy), and that I could have been irritating it further with everyday use (it has been hurting since January).

Another slap in the face? – It’s also called Mommy’s thumb and is a sign of pregnancy. My body hates me.

I will be working on a repair for now and strengthening later; if nothing helps, I’ll see OT for a shot in both hands. What fun! (It took me 15 minutes to get those braces on by myself.)



After that appointment, I visited with my new fertility doctor.  I got a surprise Pap-smear, insert sarcastic Woo-Hoo!  All the while, I got to stare up at a cowboy monkey poster, taped to the ceiling, that read: “Momma’s, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Monkeys”.  No kidding, I CANT make this stuff up.!


After reviewing our semen analysis results, medical histories and talking with us about the options, our doctor suggested that IUI, or Intra-Uterine Insemination, be our next step in the baby making process. (- Our doctor was very kind and even hugged us both when we left her office, I would definitely recommend seeing her if you are in Lexington Ky. Let me know, I can always give you her information!)

Unlike IVF and ICSI, with IUI, the best-looking sperm are placed in the uterus, with no egg retrieval from me. This will require hormone medications, like Clomid and Ovidrel, with more ultrasounds and blood work.


The Clomid is a pill that boosts ovulation, while the Ovidrel is called a ‘trigger shot’, given by injection nearing the end of your cycle, for an added ‘boost’ for ovulating and marinating those eggs. – Shots! Shots! Shots!


So, this week, once I reach day 3 of my cycle, I was told to get blood work done to check my hormone levels, and I received my referral for an ultrasound to check for cysts, tumors or fibroids.  I wanted it done today, but I am on CD-37 (3 days late) – my body likes to play tricks on me, go figure.  I’m thinking I’ll be doing the blood work on Tuesday, or whenever Moon Sickness decides to arrive.

I haven’t had my hormones tested since January 2015, so a repeat is a must.  I had high Prolactin levels with those results, so who knows?


Once we have Philip’s repeat semen analysis, and enough funds, our goal is to aim for our first IUI cycle this September, because my doctor is out-of-town the whole month of August.  It may seem soon, but these next months will be the longest of my life.

Now, the VA will not pay for these procedures, the insertion or the semen prep.  Philip will have to give another sample to be ‘cleaned’ for use, and I will be prepping with the fertility medicine and ovary monitoring- at least those are free with the VA.  Everything else, it’ll cost us around $600-a considerable amount less than IVF would cost.

We know that $600 doesn’t seem like a lot in the long run, but we haven’t paid for ANY health services with the VA, EVER, so this is a major chunk of change for us to put towards ‘voluntary’ medical procedures, one’s that may not end in a positive result.  Shouldn’t fertility be just as important as any other medical condition, like my Crohn’s, that’s covered by the VA?  Didn’t I earn this benefit, too?  If you know of a way to get Veteran’s help or discounts, I am all ears! – Baby Horsley Fund Now Open at

Once our timing is right, my doctor will insert Phil’s best swimmers, and we wait to see if Shark Week arrives.  I’ll take the ‘trigger shot’ hormones, to help it ‘stick’, and we will see if it works for us.  Remember, this is all based on my body and how it’s ‘timing’ decides to work; it could be early or late September, if my period decides to come that month.

I’ll try to keep you updated, but for now, our ‘plan’ is to save up enough money for 3 rounds of IUI, planning for our first this September.  Watch out for my hormone-induced crying fits and rages, Kentucky!!!

Now, this process is not a guarantee, and we may end up spending $1800 for nothing, and ending up needing IVF, but a chance is a chance, no matter how small.  The risk of it not working and the price is worth it, especially if it works first or second try – then we wouldn’t stress about saving that $15 grand that IVF would cost!


We hope once is enough, but we have to be prepared for the worst.  Fingers crossed.  Stay Tuned!

For more information about infertility and the VA, please visit Resolve & VA.Gov

More Info On Crohn’s Disease at & &


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12 thoughts on “So You’re Sayin There’s A Chance?”

  1. Good luck to you! I stumbled across your blog and I feel your pain and frustration! I’m doing my 4th round of IVF in a couple of weeks and praying that this one sticks! Hope you are able to save up the funds for this Fall and for good news!!!! HUGS from one infertile woman to another!!!

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  2. I have crohns and got secondary infertility as result of blood disorder APS caused 7 miscarriages its again autoimmune related. I am blessed I had my son at 20. Keep the faith I hope it all works out for you best wishes xx

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