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Is All Hope Lost, Again?

“I’m not sure we can help you.”  – That’s what the Urologist, Dr. B, said after looking at the pair of semen analyses.

After reviewing his paperwork, with Phil and myself both trying to explain everything,  (See Infertility is a Sadness, No Little Lambs & Infertile Myrtle), the doctor checked for testicular disorders (checked his testes) – while I snickered in the corner.


Once she realized that we understood the fertility processes that are available, she relaxed a little and tried to be as honest with us as she could.

analysis cropped

“I’m not sure we can help you.”  – That’s what the Urologist, Dr. B, said after looking at the pair of semen analyses.

The numbers weren’t bad in relation to count, but the shapes were a definite issue for the majority of swimmers, meaning the numbers are bad either way. 

She offered up some vitamins for Philip and a possible referral, and she requested his hormones get tested, but there wasn’t much else she could do or say.

So far, his Testosterone levels look normal at 425 ng/dl.


We mentioned getting genetic testing via a blood sample, to look for any reasoning for the structural problems, but she wasn’t sure if the VA offered it, and she wanted to see the results for his hormones first, because it was cheaper, and maybe we could find a problem there, but highly doubtful.  

The genetic testing, most likely Karyotyping, will let us know if there is a genetic issue causing the 95-99% structural problems, and if not, then we have to assume he was ‘exposed’ to something.  Again, not our fault, just luck I suppose.

Male Fertility Processes

Given Dr. B is the expert, we tried to ask questions, to offer us some insight as to what to do next,  and the only answer we received is “I can’t answer those questions.”

Should we go ahead and spend the $600-$1800 on round(s) of IUI?

Should we just save until we can afford IVF + ICSI, which offers only a slightly higher chance than IUI, but costs around $12000 + $1500?

Should we even attempt the IUI or IVF + ICSI at all?

Is it all a waste of money for us?

Is that her subtle way of saying we can’t?

Is that her subtle way of saying we shouldn’t?

 “I can’t answer those questions.”

So, we went ahead with a plan for another referral.  This time, for an Infertility Urologist, another specialty doctor, who may give us better insight as to what our options are, if there are any.

We are back to wondering if September is the best decision for an IUI.

We are back to wondering if there is even a chance of conception.

We are back to wondering what happens next.

Thank you for reading, and for keeping up with our Infertility Journey.


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For more information about Infertility and VA Healthcare, please visit ResolveVA.Gov

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