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50 Months of Infertility

I know that today isn't blog day, but my heart is a little heavy this morning. My body likes to play games with me.  My body likes to play cruel tricks on my mind. Every month, without fail, I get my hopes up and I think that Baby Horsley could be in the making. Just… Continue reading 50 Months of Infertility

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Carpal Tunnel Shots & IVF for Vets

Here we are, another week come and gone, and I'm still not feeling any better.  If anything, I'm feeling worse. Since I began Humira 3 weeks ago, I have still felt pretty bad. I can't believe I have to do my third injection this upcoming Wednesday.  Like, really? Already?  I have continued to have persistent… Continue reading Carpal Tunnel Shots & IVF for Vets

Double Balloon - It Could Be Worse Blog
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Frankie, Myrtle, and the Double Balloon​

Thursday I will be prepping for Friday, with no dinner and a trip to Indiana.  Friday I will be too busy to post, I’ll be having that Double Balloon procedure I have mentioned a few times before, so this week’s post is coming to you early, and it is chaos filled as usual. (See IU Double… Continue reading Frankie, Myrtle, and the Double Balloon​

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Happy with My Crohn’s Disease

I know for a couple of my previous posts I have been kind of a ‘Negative Nancy’, and after a loooong talk with Philip, I am trying to maintain a positive outlook, because I WILL eventually feel better. I have not been angry at my body this week, I am more tired and exhausted than… Continue reading Happy with My Crohn’s Disease

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Bad Luck & Bad Timing…

Since my rant on Sunday, I have been further blocked from the Crohn's group on Facebook, to where I can no longer see them, so I have that going for me. (See Open Letter) Monday I began the Topamax medication, and I can already sense a delay in my mind, where I am searching for… Continue reading Bad Luck & Bad Timing…

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Pills and Potions – More Decisions

With this week comes more doctors and appointments, more phone calls and more prescriptions, with more major decisions needing to be made. Since last week, I am significantly less nauseated, and I have even managed to keep a few meals down.  My new ailment, though?   My sleep is eluding me again.  I am up at… Continue reading Pills and Potions – More Decisions

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Is All Hope Lost, Again?

"I'm not sure we can help you."  - That's what the Urologist, Dr. B, said after looking at the pair of semen analyses. After reviewing his paperwork, with Phil and myself both trying to explain everything,  (See Infertility is a Sadness, No Little Lambs & Infertile Myrtle), the doctor checked for testicular disorders (checked his testes)… Continue reading Is All Hope Lost, Again?