Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

15 days since my last blog post, Colonoscopy #5 and I got to start the new year sick. After the Christmas and New Years celebrations, the past few days I've been miserably sick. Christmas Eve evening and Christmas day were spent with family, but I only had those two days off, working both before and... Continue Reading →


Colonoscopy #5

Well, it seems I failed you again on keeping you up-to-date at a decent time. It has almost been 20 days since my last column or blog post, and a lot has happened since then. My last post, Entyvio Infusion #5 caught you up on most of November, so now I plan on catching you... Continue Reading →

Seeing All of the Doctors

It has been three weeks, almost four, since my last post and I feel as though it has been chaos. Let me catch you up... October and Halloween came and went and now we are nearing the middle of November, with the cold weather and early sunsets, this year can't be over soon enough. After... Continue Reading →

Allodynia – Weeks 37 & 38

Allodynia. A few times I've mentioned suffering from allodynia, thinking I needed a diagnosis of it. I had moments, even days of pain. But this pain is not like normal pain. Allodynia, meaning other pain, can cause all over body pain where even the slightest touch can ache you. Wearing a t-shirt can feel uncomfortable,... Continue Reading →

Phlebotomy and Prednisone

August 25th. That was my last blog post. You know how long that was? That is another 16 days that have passed. I suppose a lot but not too much has happened in that time, and so I'll try to catch you up. See Eleven More Days. After August 25th, I started writing my first set... Continue Reading →

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