ACDF Surgery – 3 Weeks Post-Op & X-rays

Hooray for finally getting to see my new hardware!

I was a little bummed last week when I didn’t have X-rays taken for my two-week post-op appointment. I wanted to see where the titanium was placed and what it looked like but they told me I would have to wait and get a set done by week 4 or 6.

They had mentioned that they had taken some X-rays during my procedure – but I wasn’t seeing them in my medical chart, I could only find fluoroscopy images of pre-hardware.

I checked my chart today to see if they had updated it – and there were two images of hardware from the ACDF surgery.

It makes me feel a little better now that I can see what was placed and where. I’m hoping this hardware stays in place (unlike my rib plating) and I like having these images to refer back to in the future.

I am 3-weeks post-op as of this week and I will have my 6-week follow-up at the end of September.

I’m still not really driving and it still feels like someone is pressing down on my throat but most of the intense pain has subsided. I am still a little sore and tense in my neck but I’m better than I was during week one.

It could be worse. 🥳

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