Stelara Self-Injection #29

I have been on Stelara now for 4 and a half years!

And man, this week has been busy.

Not only did I post multiple blogs today, but I got to do my CORALE IBD study blood sample yesterday, and I’m 2 weeks post-op from ACDF surgery, too – which means I could finally take my Stelara yesterday!

I haven’t had a Stelara injection since May, and with my ACDF surgery, I had to postpone taking my 29th dose. I had to wait 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after surgery to take it, leaving my body some time to heal before taking immunosuppressive meds.

I can tell you, I know when my medicine is due because my whole body feels it. I have been having more stomach pain, more nausea, and more blood loss in the last two weeks – my body’s way of telling me I need my next Stelara dose before my Crohn’s disease runs wild.

I know surgery doesn’t help my symptoms – but I’m hoping that with my neck healing and being able to take my Stelara, that I’ll really start to feel better!

I’ll see my Gastroenterology team later this month and have my usual blood and stool samples checked. It’s hard to check how my body is doing when it is constantly stressed out with waiting for pre-op, having all these surgeries, and all that comes with being post-op.

And, as I said in my last few post – Here’s to healing! 🥳

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