Today I’m doing my second at-home blood collection for the CORALE V IBD Study! 💉

Last June, I signed up for the CORALE V IBD Study to learn more about antibodies and the safety and effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines in patients with IBD. Since I have Crohn’s disease and know I have autoimmune diseases and use biologic/immunosuppressive medication like Stelara, I thought this study would be great to participate in considering we are living in COVID times and I’ve had my 3rd shot or booster. 🧫

This study was easy to sign up for – Link below – and my at-home test was shipped almost immediately.

The blood collection kit was simple enough, with thorough instructions that include pictures to help make sure you get your sample correctly.

I cleaned my arm with the provided alcohol swab before and after getting my sample. I opened the sterile packaging and prepared the blood collection device.

I placed the device on my arm and held the button for the recommended 5 seconds before beginning a 5-minute timer to allow a sufficient blood sample. ⏰

My device filled up quickly, in a matter of moments, and I removed the device and then the sample tube. 🧪

After putting the cap on my blood sample and putting it in the provided biohazard bag, it went into the return box and I was done. It will be sent out with my mail ASAP tomorrow morning. 📫

In 8 weeks or less, I will find out the results of my vaccine antibodies and how my medications could impact my body’s response to the vaccine.😷

Apologies for my face when I took the sample out of the device – there was some thick sticky blood still coming out of it while I was taking it apart. 🤣

To learn more about the study or to join – go to for more information.

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