Slipping Rib Syndrome – 7 Weeks Post-Op

7 Weeks Post-Op and my side is still trying to heal.

My incision had been closed after the hematoma draining and I thought it was good to go until this week when my body rejected one of the stitches. I know my body has previously rejected stitches with numerous surgeries and 7 weeks post-op seems right on schedule.

I was getting ready for bed and kept feeling scratching near my side. Lo and behold, it was a long little stitch (with the knot intact) poking out of my incision.

Suture rejection has happened so often to me that I have my own suture removal kit that the hospital gave me, so I got out the little forceps and gave it a very light tug – to which the whole suture came out. Let’s hope it wasn’t one I needed.

Otherwise, the incision looks okay with no infection or draining and when it does open up, I make sure to band-aid it for a few days. If it starts looking ugly, I’ll make sure to let Dr. Hansen know.

My side still feels tight and I have the most awful nerve pains that come and go. Sneezing and coughing may very well kill me with pain in these ribs and sleeping is still hard, too, since I can only lay on my back.

It may not seem like a big deal, but I’ve been ONLY laying on my back to sleep for a few years now (I call it sleeping like a vampire) and all I want to do is be able to roll over on my side to sleep comfortably without pain.

I’m still trying to be kind to my body and not overwork my ribs. I know that I’ve done too much when my side and back hurt for days later. I have to keep telling myself to do less and I really struggle with that.

I find myself still guarding that side with certain movements and I’m sure I still look crazy as all get out hugging myself when I dance, but I do what I can.

I’m trying to heal “right” this time since we have no backup plan in case of failure. I don’t think my body or mind could handle having to go through this an eighth time.

I’ll have another follow-up in October and I only want good news this go around.

It could be worse.

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