Stelara Self-Injection #2 & Rib Pain | It Could Be Worse Blog

Stelara Self-Injection | It Could Be Worse Blog - Mary Horsley

Three weeks have passed since my last blog post, May Delays, and I've suffered through some migraines, I've had my Stelara, and I've been extra busy here lately. I've had a few doctors appointments for all of my ailments and I've got quite a few things scheduled, with appointments, scans, and, follow-ups. Since May Delays, … Continue reading Stelara Self-Injection #2 & Rib Pain | It Could Be Worse Blog


2 Year Anniversary of Crohn’s Diagnosis Day | It Could Be Worse Blog

2 Year Anniversary of Crohn’s Diagnosis Day | It Could Be Worse Blog

It's been 2 years! I believe in celebrating milestones, whether good or bad, and today marks my 2-year anniversary of my Crohn's disease diagnosis. I was given a gift, a curse, a problem but no cure. Tomorrow, my beloved St. Patrick's Day, is my 2-year Crohn's diagnosis anniversary and I'm still in the same position … Continue reading 2 Year Anniversary of Crohn’s Diagnosis Day | It Could Be Worse Blog

Schools Out For Ever

Schools Out For Ever

I was going to blog earlier this week but it was the first Monday in over two years that I haven't had to worry about homework and the week caught up with me too soon. I didn't have to stress about an essay or paper due and I didn't have to think about learning teams … Continue reading Schools Out For Ever

Entyvio Infusion #1

Entyvio Infusion #1 - It Could Be Worse Mary Horsley

Since last my last post, 'Busy, Busy', another two weeks have come and gone. Another two weeks and I am that much closer to graduation. I have 2 weeks after Monday and I cannot begin to tell you how ready I am to be done with homework. 16 days to go. And in those two … Continue reading Entyvio Infusion #1

Secret Thoughts & Feelings

⚠ Trigger Warning: this post discusses depression, anxiety, and suicide. ⚠ This past March I tried to kill myself and only four people truly knew about it. Philip. My sister. Her husband. And the police officer who visited the house -after my sister called them that night. That's it. It wasn't glamorous, it was ugly. … Continue reading Secret Thoughts & Feelings

10 Days Later

My last blog post was around 10 days ago. What a slacker I feel like lately. To be fair, I have been busier than usual and my body is still adjusting to running around all the time. I have been pushing myself nonstop it seems.  I do too much and I inevitably regret it for … Continue reading 10 Days Later

Two-Step TB Test – WK 2

Since last blog post, this week has been hectic, so again, I have to apologize for the delay. I can't seem to stay on schedule here as of late, but hopefully, I can get back on track. School has been kicking my ass lately, so I never look forward to Mondays. Less than three classes … Continue reading Two-Step TB Test – WK 2