WEGO Health Awards 2019
Crohn's Disease

WEGO Health Awards Nominations – 2019

I am beyond honored to receive one nomination. Let alone FOUR nominations for #WEGOHealthAwards2019. This year marks nominations for the THIRD YEAR in a row! Endorsements are now open. I'd like to ask if I have influenced you, helped you or encouraged you, to please click that link below and help your girl out. https://awards.wegohealth.com/nominees/13369… Continue reading WEGO Health Awards Nominations – 2019

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Pill-Cam Results & My Crohn’s Plan

Inducing Crohn's disease issues is easier than you'd think. You have to find a food that bothers you, and eat it, and you look for pain and inflammation.  Simple as that. Knowing I had the Pill-Camera to look forward to on Tuesday, we planned on lasagna for Sunday night, because for month's it has been a consistent problem… Continue reading Pill-Cam Results & My Crohn’s Plan