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Always Another Appointment | It Could Be Worse Blog

Damn. Another two weeks have gone by since my February post, with a few more appointments and doctor visits, and even more new consultations added. With my Crohn's disease journey, I've not felt any different having started the Stelara. I had my follow-up with GI, Dr. S, this past week, and I got to explain everything to… Continue reading Always Another Appointment | It Could Be Worse Blog

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Up All Night, Sleep All Day

I thank all who continue to read my ramblings every week and I apologize for the delays. Saturday blog days turn into late blog nights, but eventually, I get them done and posted. I lollygag and I lose my train of thought.  I like to just go with whatever is in my head, remembering things here… Continue reading Up All Night, Sleep All Day

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Remicade Infusion Day #4

After Saturday's post, Another MRI for Mary, my weekend went as per usual, filled with marinating on the couch, finishing homework, filling my pill case, and, writing for my blogs - yes, plural.  I can't believe it.  It is still quite nice to know that I am out there sharing on multiple outlets and bringing… Continue reading Remicade Infusion Day #4

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50 Months of Infertility

I know that today isn't blog day, but my heart is a little heavy this morning. My body likes to play games with me.  My body likes to play cruel tricks on my mind. Every month, without fail, I get my hopes up and I think that Baby Horsley could be in the making. Just… Continue reading 50 Months of Infertility

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MRIs and Valentine’s

Hello to all, I hope you had a great week. I know this post comes late, but since my IBD News Today column goes live on Fridays, I will be posting on Saturdays from here on out. After last Friday's blog posts went live, both Early Signs and Symptoms of My Crohn's Disease and Eggshell… Continue reading MRIs and Valentine’s

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Eggshell Days

Friday night after my last blog post, It Could Be Worse, Philip and I went out to dinner for 'date night' at a restaurant nearby.  The restaurant itself was nice, but I was slightly let down because the food was highly overrated. While they boasted their fried chicken, they had overcooked ours, and it came… Continue reading Eggshell Days

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It Could Be Worse

For this week, it is all about 'it could be worse'.  This is my message.  My motto.  My catchword. We began the weekend with some insomnia Friday night, and we began Saturday with our new weekly movie date.  Philip and I went to see La La Land, a completely spectacular movie. If you haven't, I… Continue reading It Could Be Worse