Entyvio Infusion #5, Work, and Scheduling Appointments – Weeks 47 & 48 | It Could Be Worse Blog

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Well, since the last post, it has been another crazy and hectic few weeks with little downtime to write. So, I need to catch you up... In my personal life, I began working at the CosmoProf with a mandatory 40 hour work week. Yikes. Going from not really working to working full time, my Crohn's … Continue reading Entyvio Infusion #5, Work, and Scheduling Appointments – Weeks 47 & 48 | It Could Be Worse Blog


Seeing All of the Doctors | It Could Be Worse Blog

Seeing All of the Doctors - Another Month in My Crohn's Journey

It has been three weeks, almost four, since my last post and I feel as though it has been chaos. Let me catch you up... October and Halloween came and went and now we are nearing the middle of November, with the cold weather and early sunsets, this year can't be over soon enough. After … Continue reading Seeing All of the Doctors | It Could Be Worse Blog

Entyvio Infusion #3

Entyvio Infusion #3 - It Could Be Worse Blog - Mary Horsley

Well, again, I'm a slacker. Another two weeks have come and gone. And what takes up my time? Sundays used to be for music, but my Summer of Sundy has officially ended, sadly. My twin and her family came into town this week, bringing herself and her husband, his ex-wife and all of their 4 … Continue reading Entyvio Infusion #3

Entyvio Infusion #2

I don't really know what has come over me.Β  More and more time passes and I forget to update you on my blog. Β But, hopefully, that will change soon and I can get back into a habit of posting consistently. In just 3 days, I will complete the last of my classes at the University … Continue reading Entyvio Infusion #2

Busy, Busy

9 days have gone by, with life being as hectic as ever. I've done a handful of new photoshoots and I've seen my newest favorite band a few times. I've recently become obsessed with Sundy Best, a local Kentucky band, and if you haven't seen my live videos on Facebook, then you can see some … Continue reading Busy, Busy

10 Days Later

My last blog post was around 10 days ago. What a slacker I feel like lately. To be fair, I have been busier than usual and my body is still adjusting to running around all the time. I have been pushing myself nonstop it seems.Β  I do too much and I inevitably regret it for … Continue reading 10 Days Later

Two-Step TB Test – WK 1

As well as another late blog post week, this week is a short week. If you notice, last week's blog, Better Late Than Never, was posted on Tuesday rather than last Sunday. Wednesday began this short week filled with doctors appointments, thrift stores, family, and of course, writing and coffee. Wednesday and Friday I'll call … Continue reading Two-Step TB Test – WK 1