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Entyvio Infusion #4 – Week 39 & 40 | It Could Be Worse Blog

Pain. Last blog post I focused on my body pains and Allodynia and not much changed for me this week. I've had pain every day. I wake up, if I'm lucky enough to fall asleep in the first place, and I'm immediately in discomfort. I wake, and urgency follows, with cold sweats, body shakes, the works.… Continue reading Entyvio Infusion #4 – Week 39 & 40 | It Could Be Worse Blog

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Allodynia – Weeks 37 & 38

Allodynia. A few times I've mentioned suffering from allodynia, thinking I needed a diagnosis of it. I had moments, even days of pain. But this pain is not like normal pain. Allodynia, meaning other pain, can cause all over body pain where even the slightest touch can ache you. Wearing a t-shirt can feel uncomfortable,… Continue reading Allodynia – Weeks 37 & 38