Perianal Abscess #2 in My Crohn's Disease Journey | IT COULD BE WORSE BLOG - Mary Horsley
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Well, shit. It has been over a month, almost two, since my last blog post, and it'll probably be exactly two months time by the time I get this written and edited, photos added and the post uploaded. I know, I'm still slacking. I feel terrible about it. I do apologize for the delays, every… Continue reading TWO MONTHS TIME | IT COULD BE WORSE BLOG

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Weekly Chaos & ER Visit #5

I have to say, this week has not been the best for me, but it has not been my worst. More than once this week I have questioned whether a trip to the ER was needed or if I should see my Primary Care doctor, but we will get to that. To start off the… Continue reading Weekly Chaos & ER Visit #5

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ER Déjà Vu & Veterans Day Weekend

Well, what a week?!? After Friday's ER visit, Saturday and Sunday were spent on the couch, not doing anything but complaining about the chest pains and all of my other ailments.  I continued to have sharp pains, even with the prescribed muscle relaxers, so something was wrong. At first, we thought maybe my childhood Shingles… Continue reading ER Déjà Vu & Veterans Day Weekend

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Chest Pains & ER Visit #3

Ugh, what a week. A week of pain. A week of waiting. A week of drama. A week that's finally over. Hallelujah! After my last post on Friday, No More Humira for Mary, my weekend was spent celebrating part 3 of Halloween 2016.  To say this year was epic would be an understatement.  I believe… Continue reading Chest Pains & ER Visit #3

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Emergency Room & Crohn’s Inflammation

After Friday's blog post, I got to visit the ER again, for the second time in the past 2 months. I continued to have chest tightness and pressure, and I didn't think anything of it. It wasn't until I mentioned my problems to a friend of mine, that she suggested I call my Humira representative… Continue reading Emergency Room & Crohn’s Inflammation