WEGO Health Awards 2019
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WEGO Health Awards Nominations – 2019

I am beyond honored to receive one nomination. Let alone FOUR nominations for #WEGOHealthAwards2019. This year marks nominations for the THIRD YEAR in a row! Endorsements are now open. I'd like to ask if I have influenced you, helped you or encouraged you, to please click that link below and help your girl out. https://awards.wegohealth.com/nominees/13369… Continue reading WEGO Health Awards Nominations – 2019

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Green With Envy

Well, where should I start for this busy week? I suppose I should apologize for another late post. Like last week, Saturday blogs then into Sundays posting, and my schedule all out of sorts. Now that my IBD News Today column posts on Fridays, I'm struggling to pick my personal column day. I wanted to… Continue reading Green With Envy

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Up All Night, Sleep All Day

I thank all who continue to read my ramblings every week and I apologize for the delays. Saturday blog days turn into late blog nights, but eventually, I get them done and posted. I lollygag and I lose my train of thought.  I like to just go with whatever is in my head, remembering things here… Continue reading Up All Night, Sleep All Day

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Another Week with My Crohn’s Disease

Saturday blog days. This is still so new and odd to me. I find myself stressing for Fridays, still, and I worry about scheduling appointments or making plans. I keep having to remind myself that I have another whole day and that I can take my time on Saturday to write, have coffee, and, enjoy… Continue reading Another Week with My Crohn’s Disease

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More Doctors & Writing Opportunities

It has been a decent week with some good news, and, of course, I've had doctors appointments and mixed with Crohn's issues. Saturday, Philip and I went on a movie date. Last week we saw Split, and we were left slightly disappointed.  Another movie with a character plot filled with sexual assault is not my… Continue reading More Doctors & Writing Opportunities

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Insomnia and Humira Wednesday #4

Another week has come and gone, with no relief for Mary. I have spent 75% of my time this week in the bathroom, with my legs asleep from sitting too long or vomiting what food I have actually tried to snack on.Yes, I'm still puking. I have not kept down a full meal since July… Continue reading Insomnia and Humira Wednesday #4

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23andMe DNA Test Results

I am finally getting a chance to break down my 23andMe DNA Test results, so I hope you are ready to learn something about Mary, if you care to read this. For a 10% discount code for 23andMe - https://refer.23andme.com/s/b6jzu . So, first, I want to share the image of my 23 chromosomes. This is… Continue reading 23andMe DNA Test Results