Seeing All of the Doctors - Another Month in My Crohn's Journey
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Seeing All of the Doctors | It Could Be Worse Blog

It has been three weeks, almost four, since my last post and I feel as though it has been chaos. Let me catch you up... October and Halloween came and went and now we are nearing the middle of November, with the cold weather and early sunsets, this year can't be over soon enough. After… Continue reading Seeing All of the Doctors | It Could Be Worse Blog

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10 Days Later

My last blog post was around 10 days ago. What a slacker I feel like lately. To be fair, I have been busier than usual and my body is still adjusting to running around all the time. I have been pushing myself nonstop it seems.  I do too much and I inevitably regret it for… Continue reading 10 Days Later