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Entyvio Infusion #4 – Week 39 & 40 | It Could Be Worse Blog

Pain. Last blog post I focused on my body pains and Allodynia and not much changed for me this week. I've had pain every day. I wake up, if I'm lucky enough to fall asleep in the first place, and I'm immediately in discomfort. I wake, and urgency follows, with cold sweats, body shakes, the works.… Continue reading Entyvio Infusion #4 – Week 39 & 40 | It Could Be Worse Blog

Schools Out For Ever
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Schools Out For Ever

I was going to blog earlier this week but it was the first Monday in over two years that I haven't had to worry about homework and the week caught up with me too soon. I didn't have to stress about an essay or paper due and I didn't have to think about learning teams… Continue reading Schools Out For Ever

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Oh, my.  I am the worst at consistency with posting. I think it is safe to say I'll post when I can. This post comes with multiple days and many levels of exhaustion. I hope it all makes sense. Well, it is 4:34 a.m. on Tuesday morning. I have a photo shoot today and I… Continue reading Painsomniac