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Phlebotomy and Prednisone

August 25th. That was my last blog post. You know how long that was? That is another 16 days that have passed. I suppose a lot but not too much has happened in that time, and so I'll try to catch you up. See Eleven More Days. After August 25th, I started writing my first set… Continue reading Phlebotomy and Prednisone

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Consultations and Remicade Infusions

I'd like to start by saying thank you to all the welcomed followers who read this blog weekly. I know some weeks can be chaotic and others can be slightly boring, so every view is appreciated. Like many other weeks, this week had its ups and downs, it's events and its issues, the good and… Continue reading Consultations and Remicade Infusions

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Emergency Room & Crohn’s Inflammation

After Friday's blog post, I got to visit the ER again, for the second time in the past 2 months. I continued to have chest tightness and pressure, and I didn't think anything of it. It wasn't until I mentioned my problems to a friend of mine, that she suggested I call my Humira representative… Continue reading Emergency Room & Crohn’s Inflammation

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Hurry Up and Wait

This week has not gone as planned. Since last week, we had our fantasy football draft and I managed to get another week with 100% credit in my communications class. Now with football back on, I'll have to reschedule my homework days so I don't miss the Sunday and Monday games or my Bengals. Who… Continue reading Hurry Up and Wait