An Open Letter To The Support Group That Kicked Me Out

To the Crohn’s and Colitis Awareness page: @CrohnsColitisAwareness

More specifically, to the Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis ‘Support Group’ on Facebook,

I have Crohn’s disease and I used to be a member of your Facebook support group.

I was an active participant by liking other’s posts, photos, and reading through others questions and updates, trying to keep up with it daily, and to offer my experiences.

I would also share images, quotes, etc to the page, and I received nothing but positive feedback from the group, a new found support system for me.

However, I didn’t realize there were so many rules when it came to joining support groups, and I did not expect to be removed without explanation.

I logged into Facebook and tried to view the ‘support group’, something I have found myself doing every day for the camaraderie and new information on my disease, only to find I had been removed from the now ‘closed group’.

support group closed (2)

Had I done something ‘not allowed’ and I was unaware? Had I done something offensive, all you have to do is tell me and remove it. Had I participated in any way incorrectly, a direct message would have sufficed.

I can only assume a post of mine had offended someone, because why else would I be removed from a ‘support group’?

Were my posts not supportive enough? Is there something wrong with my coping mechanisms? Were my posts derogatory in some way? Wouldn’t someone notify you of something like that? Or just remove the damn post? I was removed from your group, without warning and without any communication from you.

Just like that, I was no longer a member, no longer allowed in the group for a disease I share. And mind you, Crohn’s is a disease that is already difficult enough to find information about. It is a disease that no one really understands, except for those who suffer, and you cut off that life line for me. But you know all of that already.

Note: the things I shared were all relatable, and they were all meant for members to enjoy, not to be hurtful. If they were, I apologize.

I can’t imagine the things I shared within this group warrants ostracism.  I didn’t realize there were ‘sharing’ guidelines in these support groups.  I mean, isn’t that what they are here for? A personal discussion with open-mindedness, for people to share their thoughts, problems, and opinions on this mutual diagnosis?

Examples of the images: These screenshots are from the other Crohn’s & UC group, but the same images were used for both. I DO NOT share my own personal blog posts. Ever.

Clearly, I am not a robot, but rather someone trying to find information, share some humor, and offer my own insight on this shared shitty disease.

And if the problem is that the images are from my page, if it happens to bring a few likes to my page, why do you have to throw shade? I don’t see you complaining when I tag you in every photo or infographic I share!?

No, you don’t mind when I bring the audience to you. You don’t mind when we represent your brand.  You want your audience to share your imagesbut they can’t share things, like their page, with you?

The funniest thing about non-judgmental “support groups” is how judgmental they are.

I apologize for sharing images  of how I view my Crohn’s disease from my own personal page, but some are from your many Facebook and online pages, too.

Would it be different if I only shared your images within the group? Isn’t that a little selfish?  Who cares where the images come from, a majority are from Pinterest or available anywhere online anyway.

And, if you notice, other members of the group have liked the things I have shared, often sharing them themselves.

After being removed, I have messaged you (Group Admin & CCA main) several times, questioning my dismissal, with no response, but you do know that I see that you saw the messages, right?

I have tried to ‘rejoin’ the ‘support group’, in case it was an accidental removal, but I have not been approved after 2 days. You have intentionally viewed my requests, and you have specifically denied all of them.


With a large group of over 10k and a Facebook page with over 66k, you really know how to single a girl out and make her feel all alone with her illness.

For days now I have awaited a reply and nothing. Zilch. Nada. You have posted to your site walls and you have been active, but you are still refusing to acknowledge me at all.

So, thanks for the decline and for the lack of support offered to me by your ‘support group’ and Crohn’s & Colitis Awareness page.


– A nobody

P. S. If anybody wants a new friend who is an extremely good listener, I’m here.

Please note, the group I am speaking about is the Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis support GROUP.

I am still a member of the larger group titled Crohn’s & Ulcerative Colitis support SITE, where I also share these images and gain support.

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