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15 days since my last blog post, Colonoscopy #5 and I got to start the new year sick.
 After the Christmas and New Years celebrations, the past few days I’ve been miserably sick.
Christmas Eve evening and Christmas day were spent with family, but I only had those two days off, working both before and the days after the holiday until the New Year celebration began.
New Years 2018 was epic, complete with a fancy dinner and a 1930s themed speak-easy, flapper girls and all! It was a great time, old sport.
As for being sick, my nose feels like I took a punch to the face, I’m nauseated, my stomach and body hurt all over, my throat is scratchy and my cough comes and goes, all mixed with a fever and I’m just feeling wonderful, right?

I’ve called in sick to work, I’ve talked with my doctors and I’ve picked up medications that should help. I was given more Doxycycline, and if you remember I’ve been taking this for the Optometrist to stop eye styes, I was given cough medicine and an Albuterol inhaler. (See Optometry and Friday the 13th — Weeks 41 & 42)

This week I had to purchase yet another pill organizer case. Kitty had knocked mine off the table, medicine went everywhere in the kitchen and a few of the day’s lids broke, so it needed to be replaced. Again. After I had just replaced it in October for a larger sized one.

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018 - Mary Horsley - It Could Be Worse Blog

I had also been using a small train case for all of my medications but it was pretty jammed full, needing an update, too. I have a large metal one I use for all of my hair and stylist supplies, so I wanted one similar to hold all of my medical stuff, prescriptions, and all that jazz. I found a few online I liked but found one at Walmart that was reasonable and would work… for now… until it inevitably becomes too small, too.

Otherwise, I truly have been useless this week. I’ve been home sick around 90% of the time and in a onesie or pajamas. My fever has gone up and down and fluctuated with some all over pain and vomiting. I hope to be back to me pre-sickness-self soon. Notice I didn’t say my normal self – because that would mean no more Crohn’s for me, too, and we know that’s not happening quickly enough, either.

I’ll meet my hand surgeon next week to have my consultation about my ganglion cyst. (See Entyvio Infusion #5, Work, and Scheduling Appointments — Weeks 47 & 48) I also read in my file for my x-ray that I had a torn ligament and widening with my scaphoid and lunate bones.

Remember, I had a fall around New Years 2015 that left my hand pretty nasty looking and bruised. I didn’t think anything of it and never went to the doctor but now I am regretting that decision with surgery in the future because of it. I’ll see the surgeon and then MSK a few days later to check in. Then, another new doctor consult with Rheumatology for the allodynia.

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018 - Mary Horsley - It Could Be Worse Blog

I cannot follow up with GI until March, which is really sucky since my next infusion will be this month, in a few days actually, and I have no idea if I’ll be getting Entyvio or Stelara or what medication. I called to ask and was told they’d get back to me.

I’ve been trying to wear my glasses and my skin doesn’t look as bad as it could, I’ve lost some more eyelashes but thankfully I’ve got magnetic lashes to wear!

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018 - Mary Horsley - It Could Be Worse Blog

I will hopefully wake up feeling a little better, I have a long week ahead before my next off day.

I did write a few more articles for Everyday Health and IBD News Today, I’ll attach links to them here once available, and you can always find them on our Facebook page. I wrote about Getting Sick When You Have Crohn’s Disease and Skin Problems with IBD.

For me, It Could Be Worse.

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018 - Mary Horsley - It Could Be Worse Blog


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  1. Hello, just stumbled onto ur blog today…i have, admittedly different than ur affliction, but, in the same “family” of illnesses, i would say…anyway, just wanted to share some some things that have helped me over the past 18 months….now, im no doctor, ha, so, of course, but, i feel what has been helpful to me, maybe helpful to u…..first, diet..i wont go into alllll of my diet advice…but, i do feel there are some important ones, and no, u wont like it…no, i miss it so much….no alcohol…no fiber….i impose many more restrictions on myself, but, those are the biggies, in my opinion ….moving on…Kratom…it is a natural tea that u can purchase on line and in some stores as well…i recommend the red vein bali strain…it works wonders for pain and digestion issues…it is incredible…take a little bit at a time, until u can find the right serving size for u….finally, marijuana…specidifically, the Harlequin strain…it is more CBD than, it wont get u high, but, supposedly helps with inflammation, maybe true/maybe not, but, what it does help with is sleep…anyway, hope this helps…these diseases are frikin straight misery…i truly cant believe there is no cure…sucks….hope u feel better..


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