Gali Health — IBD Footprints Research Program – Sample 1

I have mentioned Gali Health before, as well as their IBD Footprints Study. I collected my first sample for the Gali Health IBD Footprints Study.

Stool collection – check! ✔
Saliva collection – check! ✔
Packaged and ready to mail out – check! ✔

Gali Health is offering the IBD Footprints Research Program, focused on IBD patients, allowing patients to learn more about their individual IBD and gut bacteria by sending in stool samples over time. 💩

To join the study, download the Gali app, message Gali that you want to be involved, and Gali’s wonderful team will send you a package with everything you need to be involved. If you’re an Android user, stay tuned for updates and news about an app for you!

This kit includes instructions as soon as you open the box, to help you prepare and collect correctly. The box includes four individual stool collection kits with disposable mats to place items on, gloves, and plastic spoon collection tools. 🥄

Gali Health IBD Footprints Research Study

Each bag is labeled and may contain tubes for saliva collection and stool collections. Some of mine have both, some have just the stool collection tube. There are also bags to dispose of your tools and collection hats. 🤠

And to make everything 100% easy, Gali even provides envelopes for sending your sample in. 📩

Because I had just recently sent in multiple stool samples to Gali already, I had to wait a few weeks to begin sampling again. 💩

Gali Health IBD Footprints Research Study
Gali Health IBD Footprints Research Study

And what will I learn from the IBD Footprints study?

I will get insight on my medication and disease management and that is what I am most looking forward to. I have been on the step-therapy since diagnosis which means trying one medication after the next, and it will be nice to see what the Stelara is doing while helping IBD research advance. 💉📊

You can choose to participate by sending in 4 samples, spanning between 4-12 months. I am excited to be a part of this study as long as I can and I’m excited to share the journey with you. 💚

So, to join the IBD Footprints Research Program, download Gali and get started! 😊

For now, there is only an IPhone app in the Apple store but the wonderful people of Gali are working hard for an Android app to be available later this year.📱

Gali Health IBD Footprints Research Study

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