ER Déjà Vu & Veterans Day Weekend

Well, what a week?!? After Friday's ER visit, Saturday and Sunday were spent on the couch, not doing anything but complaining about the chest pains and all of my other ailments.  I continued to have sharp pains, even with the prescribed muscle relaxers, so something was wrong. At first, we thought maybe my childhood Shingles... Continue Reading →

1 Month of Humira

Well, another week has come and gone, as they seem to always do, with appointments and medications galore. I have been on Humira for ONE WHOLE MONTH now, with no changes in my Crohn's issues, but more problems than I began with, except we will get to that. This has been the first week of using... Continue Reading →

Loading Dose – Humira

Since last week's post Hurry Up and Wait, my Crohn's Journey has entered the new chapter of Humira and hoping for remission. Our Labor Day weekend consisted of homework and coloring my hair green, and not much else.  I hate that Philip's holidays and long weekends are ruined, but he doesn't seem to mind doing... Continue Reading →

Humira, My New Friend

Finally, an update for all of you who were wondering what happened with that Double Balloon Endoscopy and this weeks GI visit. I'll assure you, it was eventful. (See Frankie, Myrtle, and the Double Balloon) Last Thursday, we drove the 2 hours up to Cincinnati, to drop off Bilbo at Grandma's house (thank you for pup-sitting!)... Continue Reading →

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