23andMe DNA Test Results

I am finally getting a chance to break down my 23andMe DNA Test results, so I hope you are ready to learn something about Mary, if you care to read this. For a 10% discount code for 23andMe – https://refer.23andme.com/s/b6jzu .

So, first, I want to share the image of my 23 chromosomes. This is by FAR the best ‘selfie’ I have ever had. Each color and line represent something from my DNA test, and together it makes me, Me.

For my genetic background, 99.5% European was shown, with Irish and German, as I had assumed. I thought I would see more Cherokee because my mother’s grandmother, Elzada, was full blooded Cherokee. After looking it up, technically I would only have a very small percentage, often too small to see. But, interestingly, I am 0.4% Sub-Saharan African. Who knew?


From my results, only one ‘carrier status’ variant was found out of 39 reports, and that was for Cystic Fibrosis. I got this variant from my Father’s family, I was told, and that his family had members with Cystic Fibrosis. We are unsure if Philip carries the variant as well, so, for now, there is only a very slight chance of passing that on to our *hopeful* future children.



I found these two reports interesting in that I do not run, let alone sprint, and that it tells me that I’m okay with high or low saturated fat diets. Give me all the bacon and cheeses.


Haplogroups. From what I have looked up about these, this traces all the way back to some very early ancestors, where my ancestors would have begun. There was similar mitochondrial DNA to people like the outlaw, Jesse James.

This report told me about Neanderthal variants. I had 77% more than 23andMe customers, but the only trait I had was straight hair, which oddly did not show up on the test. I did not have issues with back hair (female here) and I did not see details about the height trait. This was probably the vaguest of results. But, I hit 295 variants out of 2872 variants that are tested. The most found? 387.

These results were easy to read, so I’ll go through them left to right, top to bottom. These results told me that I sleep somewhat normally with movements but I don’t sleep too deeply. I always sleep terribly nowadays, so maybe this is true. But I used to sleep in until noon, or later, but I rarely do that anymore.

And I drink coffee, constantly. You know this if you follow my blog or my social media outlets. I love my coffee, but I think I get more than they think I do! “Slightly more” is an understatement. And the last result, I don’t get too flushed in the face when drinking, which I don’t believe is true. I always think my face is warm or hot to touch if I am having a cocktail.

These results were kind of wonky, too, but they do say “are likely ” and “are not likely”, offering the chance for wrong results to happen. I DO have cheek dimples, so I disagree, but I do LOVE sweets, so that was a right answer. I do have light colored eyes,blue, and funny enough, I do smell the asparagus after I have had it. TMI, but hey, the results were correct.

Technically, yes, I was born a blonde. Like, BRIGHT BLOND. But after time, it grew dark blonde, and then I went to red. There you go, I am a fake ginger, sadly. I do have detached earlobes, a weird observation, and I do not have a widow’s peak. And no, I do not have a unibrow. I do have ‘old man’ eyebrows that I used to never upkeep until beauty school, but now they’re somewhat maintained. Ha.

When you look at my feet, only one foot agreed with these results. On the left, my second toe is longer, but my big toe shorter. And on the right, my big toe longer and my second toe shorter. So odd. My ring finger is shorter on both hands, with my index finger longer, so this was incorrect. I was born pretty bald, so I would say the Newborn hair amount is also right, with me having straight and wavy hair, too.

And lastly, these results proved correct for my freckles and my pale skin. I sunburn always and I have never been tan unless you count the spray tan I got once. Funny enough, my earwax is wet, I guess, and I do sneeze sometimes if I stare into a light, but not always.

All in all, I would say the rest was extremely fun and interesting to read. I am ecstatic that I got to participate in the IBD study and see my results for free. This test definitely knew some odd things, but I hope I did my part for IBD research and we can find some answers.

If you would like to get your own, you can get your kit here. They will send you a tube to spit in and mail back. Once they receive it and read it, they email you results!

I hope to see yours soon!

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