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Should I begin by welcoming myself back? Holy Shit! It has been 20 days since my last post.  Pretty certain I have been MIA since May began.  And to be honest, I probably shouldn't have left you all in suspense with such a morbid and saddening piece like Secret Thoughts & Feelings. I had to… Continue reading Vampire

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Instagram Giveaway – Twinkles Dental Jewelry

Good Afternoon! It is time for me to host my very first GIVEAWAY! Because the majority of my followers come from my Instagram page, this giveaway will be held there. As you have seen on my Instagram and here on my Blog, I have my very own Twinkles Tooth Gem, the Round 18K White Gold with a REAL Diamond setting.… Continue reading Instagram Giveaway – Twinkles Dental Jewelry

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The Week I Asked For Help

What has happened this week in my life? I almost didn't feel comfortable sharing all of the emotions and events of this week with the public, but I have kept it 'real' and honest with you up until this point, so why change that now? This week we're discussing hormones, both fertility and mental health related,… Continue reading The Week I Asked For Help

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23andMe DNA Test Results

I am finally getting a chance to break down my 23andMe DNA Test results, so I hope you are ready to learn something about Mary, if you care to read this. For a 10% discount code for 23andMe - . So, first, I want to share the image of my 23 chromosomes. This is… Continue reading 23andMe DNA Test Results

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So What If I’m Bitter

Considering I have been diagnosed with an incurable disease like Crohn’s, I feel I have every right to be upset, and to be upset often, if that’s how I decide to cope with my issues.  If you were put in my shoes sometimes, you would be troubled too. I am struggling with this incurable issue, a… Continue reading So What If I’m Bitter

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Stop Making Excuses: End Rape Culture

This week's post comes a little early because I want to focus and vent on this week's news. As a victim and survivor of sexual assault myself, this 6 month jail sentence for the Stanford Rapist, Brock Turner, has me perturbed and full of emotions.  Emotions of anger towards the Judge and rapist, and emotions… Continue reading Stop Making Excuses: End Rape Culture