Instagram Giveaway – Twinkles Dental Jewelry

Good Afternoon! It is time for me to host my very first GIVEAWAY!

Because the majority of my followers come from my Instagram page, this giveaway will be held there.

As you have seen on my Instagram and here on my Blog, I have my very own Twinkles Tooth Gem, the Round 18K White Gold with a REAL Diamond setting. (See Weekly Chaos & ER Visit #5)

I am beyond pleased and excited with this piece of jewelry.  It shines bright and after a few days, I couldn’t tell it was even there.  It is the perfect subtle accessory for those willing to wear their personality on their teeth, too! 

I will be GIVINGAWAY One (1) 18K White Gold Star with Sapphire, a $45 VALUE that’s FREE!

Instagram Giveaway - Twinkles Dental Jewelry

And, to add to the PRIZES, there will be an additional Surprise Gift from La Sirena Designs, where every item is custom made for each purchase, up to a $30 VALUE that’s FREE, too.  What is the Surprise Gift? You’ll have to enter to see!

In order for YOU to have a chance to WIN on Instagram, you must:

1.  Follow  @_MaryQuiteContrary_  and  @TwinklesDentalJewelry — C’mon, that’s easy enough.

2. Follow  @Lasirenadesigns  and  @KlixImagezphotography — You’re almost finished! ✔✔

3. Like the Image and Tag A Friend on the original Instagram Post — That’s not hard to do. This will help me know you want to WIN and that you have FINISHED the tasks! ✔✔✔

✔✔✔ AND THATS IT!! ✔✔✔

➡➡ This giveaway will run from Jan 20 – Feb 3, giving you 2 weeks to Enter!!

➡➡ Now remember you MUST FOLLOW all 4 Accounts – We will check.  

➡➡ You WILL need to have the Twinkles Gem attached by a dental professional.  Sometimes, with proper care, Twinkles Tooth Gems can last up to 3 years! 

➡➡ La Sirena Designs will contact the WINNER after the CONTEST ends for measurements. 

➡➡ This GIVEAWAY is just in time for Valentine’s Day, too!

Can’t Wait? No Instagram? No Problem! 

➡➡ Twinkles is offering 20% OFF during giveaway — Use Coupon Code: Mary20

➡➡ After the giveaway, Twinkles can offer 10% OFF — Use Coupon Code: Mary10wp-1484922330473.jpg

About Twinkles Dental Jewelry:

➡➡ Twinkles Dental Jewelry is a gem or ornamental piece that is specifically designed to be placed on your tooth. The gems are made from 22k Gold and 18k White Gold, some with Sapphires and others with Real Diamonds

➡➡ Using dental tools, much like getting braces or brackets applied and removed, the jewelry or gem piece is bonded to the surface of the tooth, it Does Not affect the tooth surface, and, it is easily removed! wp-1484937087688.jpg

➡➡ Twinkles Dental Jewelry is also made without toxic items like lead, and if correctly bonded, it can stay on for years. Bonding and removal are both performed by a DENTAL PROFESSIONAL, you SHOULD NOT attempt to glue this at home.

➡➡ Purchased online, they can be delivered worldwide, and each Twinkles comes with very easy to follow instructions for you and your dental professional to go over.

Weekly Chaos & ER Visit #5 - It Could Be Worse

Learn more about Twinkles:

Twinkles Information for Dental Professionals:

Twinkles Dental Jewelry Social:





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