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More Doctors & Writing Opportunities

It has been a decent week with some good news, and, of course, I've had doctors appointments and mixed with Crohn's issues. Saturday, Philip and I went on a movie date. Last week we saw Split, and we were left slightly disappointed.  Another movie with a character plot filled with sexual assault is not my… Continue reading More Doctors & Writing Opportunities

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Doctors, Family, Medications, & Photoshoots

If I thought last week was chaos, this week was just as busy. After my ER visit #5 and posting my blog on Friday, I had the worst insomnia. Usually, the excitement and intensity of those days wear me out, but I could not sleep for the life of me.  My insomnia continues to get… Continue reading Doctors, Family, Medications, & Photoshoots

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Instagram Giveaway – Twinkles Dental Jewelry

Good Afternoon! It is time for me to host my very first GIVEAWAY! Because the majority of my followers come from my Instagram page, this giveaway will be held there. As you have seen on my Instagram and here on my Blog, I have my very own Twinkles Tooth Gem, the Round 18K White Gold with a REAL Diamond setting.… Continue reading Instagram Giveaway – Twinkles Dental Jewelry