More Doctors & Writing Opportunities

It has been a decent week with some good news, and, of course, I’ve had doctors appointments and mixed with Crohn’s issues.

Saturday, Philip and I went on a movie date. Last week we saw Split, and we were left slightly disappointed.  Another movie with a character plot filled with sexual assault is not my idea of a ‘good movie’.  Rape should never be used for character ‘growth’.  I shouldn’t even have to say that.  Movie dates, though? We got the idea from a friend of mine, but we have decided to make it a regular thing. Weekly movie dates and spending time with each other, what could be better? Philip already suggested we see a matinée tomorrow, so it’s a date.

More Doctors & Writing Opportunities - It Could Be Worse

Saturday was also the Women’s Match, and sadly I did not march or plan ahead. Had I known Lexington was marching I would have made a plan to go, but I didn’t know until Saturday morning. I wore pink out in solidarity and I praise all of the women, men, and children who did participate in the march. It does matter. We matter. Our rights to our own bodies matter. We choose to fight the injustices and we resist those who challenge that. #notmypresident

As for Sundays, they are spent at home, pajamas on the couch, curled up with my heating blanket. We binge watch television and do nothing for the day.  I usually refill my weekly pill container — I got a new one!, I submit a little homework, and I make dinner for two.  If I’m feeling really wild, I’ll give myself a mani-pedi.

More Doctors & Writing Opportunities - It Could Be Worse

Mondays are for homework, as always. I submit participation and usually an essay of some sort, so the day is spent editing and writing and researching. Sometimes I’m up till 3 working on it, but luckily it was Week 1 of the class, so a simple 1000 word paper usually works.

In between homework and procrastinating on Monday, I got ordained online through the Church of the Latter-Day Dudes. Yes, that’s right. I got ordained through a religion based on The Dude, the Big Lebowski, El Duderino, His Dudeness. I was rather pleased and geeking out a bit, but it really piqued my interest. I’m sure the Dude abides.

More Doctors & Writing Opportunities - It Could Be Worse

Tuesday, I got to go to more doctors appointments, so nothing new there. I met with both my GI doctor, Dr. S, and my primary care physician, Dr. C. I had to drive to the campus location and then to the other VA because we have two VA locations in Lexington.

More Doctors & Writing Opportunities - It Could Be Worse

My first appointment for the day, GI on campus, I was around 15 minutes late, as usual. I sat in the waiting area for mere seconds before I was taken back, weighed and my temperature taken.

More Doctors & Writing Opportunities - It Could Be Worse

When I met with Dr. S, we discussed all of my issues. We discussed how I am still bleeding and hurting, and we discussed allodynia.  We discussed my hand and body pains. We discussed skin issues and my loss of consciousness two weeks ago. We discussed labs and scans, fertility and my thyroid. We discussed my nerve pain and my mental health.f35ccef9ed276a2d5d5f21bcf58cf995

For these appointments, I have to talk fast and remember all of my ailments so that everything can be discussed. It’s a lot to deal with.

Dr. S “absolutely believed” that some of my problems are Crohn’s related, especially my skin and body pains. Since I just finished my three loading doses of Remicade and we are preparing for my fourth, I will get numerous blood tests done beforehand.  I’ll get my usual liver and kidney panel, with a thyroid function test, and, a Prometheus test. This blood test can show inflammation markers and antibody levels, how well your body is reacting.

With the blood tests, Dr. S wants an abdominal MRI scan to see what my bowels are looking like. Last time I had a scan in the ER, we found Crohn’s inflammation, and I have yet to find relief. (See Emergency Room & Crohn’s Inflammation )  Since the Lexington VA doesn’t do abdominal scans I will have to go to Louisville for this one.

Primary care, my second appointment, was scheduled so I could discuss my ovarian cyst, my best pain, my blackout, my hand pain, and, my skin. I needed her, Dr. C, to schedule some consultations for me.

As I was discussing all my issues, they suggested getting a pap smear, even though I wasn’t due for one for another 2 years.  I had just had one this past year. So, a surprise pap smear took over that appointment, mixed with breast exams and medication discussions.

We upped my anxiety and mental health medications, instead of a half pill I’ll take a full one. We discussed the Gabapentin and Nortriptyline, and the mammogram and ultrasound I had done on my breasts.

In my right breast, the ultrasound showed a small cyst or a swollen lymph node, which is why I have to go back in 6 months for a repeat ultrasound. My primary care doctor didn’t think I needed to see the Breast Comprehensive Center at UK, so that saves me from scheduling with TriWest anymore about this. I was getting very annoyed calling them (read: harassing them) about this appointment anyway. Primary care thought I suffered nerve pain, too, so I have to continue my Gabapentin regimen until neurology can figure me out.

On Thursday, I was scheduled for my neurology MRI appointment to rule out anything that could have caused my blackout. We planned for a mid-February appointment, I’ll go to my normal VA for this one.  So, including my neurology MRI on my head, I will get the MRI on my stomach to look forward to, too.

Thursday was a busy day, but a very good one. Not only did I get offered a job to write a column about my IBD and Crohn’s disease, but my twin sister found out she is pregnant, again! How exciting!

As for the column, I will write and submit one column a week, possibly leading to much more in the future. I was contacted via my Instagram and asked about writing a weekly paid column for BioNews Services, specifically IBD News Today.   I submitted previous writings, my introduction column, as well as some topic ideas and column title suggestions that I have, and the managing editor approved.  I have already submitted my first draft, my introduction to the world.  I am beyond ecstatic!!  Check out IBD News Today and look for my posts very soon!  I’m sure you will see me sharing them on Facebook.

I also got new glasses this week, but for migraines rather than prescriptions.  I suffer from auras and lights tend to make my migraines worse, so I ordered a pair of TheraSpecs Eyewear indoor and outdoor combo set.  I will keep you updated on whether or not my migraines reduce with these glasses or not.  I will have to get used to them, and I feel and look like Hunter S. Thompson in the rose-orange colored lenses, which I suppose is appropriate seeing how he was a journalist as well.  I felt like an old lady, I was looking up beaded neck straps for glasses this afternoon.

More Doctors & Writing Opportunities

For the rest of the week, I have had a few nights of insomnia, even nights where I am up until 3 am or later.

My skin continues to get worse, and I feel very self-conscious about it, but I know there is nothing I can do about it unless I can get my Crohn’s into remission.  With my dermatologist’s suggestion, I have continued to use products that should help, but no change as of yet. I know, it is pretty ugly. 

More Doctors & Writing Opportunities - It Could Be Worse

I also renewed my Ohio Cosmetology License this week, I had to take a 1-hour course on Human Trafficking and be quizzed, but I will have that available for the next two years.  I did, however, re-pierce my septum, and I ordered an Opal clicker, so I am very happy about that, too.

Today I wrote this post, and I tried to consider my topics for next week. My Instagram giveaway has one week to go, so if you haven’t entered yet, I’d head over and do that because you can’t pass up a freebie.

More Doctors & Writing Opportunities - It Could Be Worse

Otherwise, I am sure next week will be just as lively.  I already have 2 scheduled appointments, one with Dermatology and one with mental health.  Stay tuned for my updates and I will see you guys next week.

Because it could be worse.

Thank you for reading, and for keeping up with My Crohn’s Journey.

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