It Could Be Worse

For this week, it is all about ‘it could be worse’.  This is my message.  My motto.  My catchword.

We began the weekend with some insomnia Friday night, and we began Saturday with our new weekly movie date. It Could Be Worse

Philip and I went to see La La Land, a completely spectacular movie. If you haven’t, I would suggest seeing it immediately.  I laughed.  I cried.  Overall, I was very happy with the film.  It is definitely one I want to own just so I can watch it again.

After our matinée, we had a birthday celebration for my friend Eileen. She is my Def Leppard buddy and her birthday celebration was a hit. Seeing friends is always nice, and we hadn’t spoken much lately, as life takes over and everyone gets busy.

It Could Be Worse

Sunday, I made burgers and did very little homework. On Sundays, we marinate on the couch if you haven’t seen that trend in my weeks of writing.

Like Sunday, Mondays have a trend of being my homework days filled with procrastination. I spend all day, and sometimes early mornings on Tuesday completing my essays and participation requirements. I also seem to always do my hair coloring on Mondays, too.

Only 156 more days until I am done with my degree. D-O-N-E. Done.

Also for Monday, I got more images from my photoshoot with Klix Imagez and La Sirena Designs.  The photos keep getting better and better!  I already cannot wait for the next photoshoot!

Tuesday I had yet another doctor’s appointment. I saw dermatology about the skin issues over been having. No matter what we have done for 2+ years, it continues to happen. Dr. W and I discussed my biopsies done in Cincinnati in 2015, all of the meds and creams and body washes I have already tried.

It Could Be Worse

I got to get into another one of their fun hospital gowns, Property of US Government and all, and I had to let the doctor and nurse give me a quick look-over of my skin.  Main issue areas of my ears, shoulders, and spine.

He figured that it was probably systemic of Crohn’s.  Damn Crohn’s.  Dr. W suggested that a corticosteroid cream could possibly help. Dr. W ordered 2 creams, one for the night and one for the day.  I’ll return to that clinic at the end of March.

It Could Be Worse

On that note, it is quite impressive how quickly appointments start adding up.  I already have five future appointments scheduled in the next few months. Appointments of follow-ups and consults, infusions and shots. You know, the fun stuff.  It all adds up to 11 so far this year, and I still have my hand consult to schedule, and my abdominal MRI to plan, plus the follow-up that will be needed for both of those.

On Wednesday, I went to Kmart and Kroger and did some shopping. Our Kmart is one of the select few that are closing, so the sales keep get better and better. I bought all of the leggings I could find, you bet I did.  I would have stayed longer, but Philip was locked out of the house. I had to check out, get home, unlock the house, and then go back out to Kroger to get lasagna ingredients. Chaos.  I did make blueberry muffins, though, so that is a plus.

Another few positives, I got new blue and white pajamas that have little deer on them at Kmart – on clearance.  They’re flannel, y’all.  Flannel and perfect.  I also got a #SpoonieSpotlight on my Instagram.  The Young People Chronic Illness page shared my story, not once but twice.  I think the second was accidental, but I’ll take the extra share!

Thursday I spent the day cleaning my Cosmo stuff, cleaning my real office, spending time in my other office, and, of course, writing.  My Crohn’s issues haven’t changed yet, I continue to hurt, but it is what it is.  I wait with bated breath for relief but none in sight.

My breast nerve pain gets worse every day, I will probably start taking another Gabapentin in the afternoon because by dinner time I am hurting pretty bad.  I already take one in the am and two in the pm.  I’ll just have to add another to the mix.

And as far as writing goes, my first column with IBD News Today has been published as of today!!! What-What!!!

This post was and is a ” ‘Welcome to ‘It Could Be Worse’ “, my personal column within their site.  This is an introduction to me, my Crohn’s disease, and, an introduction to the column I will be sharing weekly. I hope you all take a peek and get to know me and my thoughts a little better.

It Could Be Worse

I cannot thank you ALL enough for reading, sharing, commenting, and, the support you have shown me along the way. This is definitely an exciting way to start my 2017. A new year, a new outlook with the same mantra and same words to live by.  It can only get better because It Could Be Worse.

And that brings us to today, I sit writing in my office, still having coffee for the day, still in pajamas and my absolute favorite shirt ever, my Cure for IBD shirt. — You can find some links to donate below.  Maybe you can get one, too, so go ahead and create your own donation page and share for a Crohn’s cure!! — Please note: MY HAIR IS IN A PONYTAIL! Never thought I’d see the day!

It Could Be Worse

I know, I know, I am a mess.  I am currently trying to finish this post so I can shower for the day, finally.  I tried to keep it somewhat short and sweet.  Philip and I are planning to go out for dinner, so I don’t know what he wants or where he will decide to go.  I am very indecisive, I’m going to probably throw it up either way, sadly.  But it doesn’t mean we won’t have a good time.  It could be worse.


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And as always, any information you’d like to offer up about Remicade infusions or any of my current struggles and/or issues, I have open ears and I’ll happily take any tips you have to offer!



For those of you who are continuing to donate to the Cure for Crohn’s and Colitis, I encourage you to donate towards my team page with CURE for IBD – where 100% of the funds WE raise will be allocated to IBD research for a cure. That’s right, 100%!!

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Welcome to ‘It Could Be Worse’ – A Column by Mary Horsley

It Could Be Worse


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