Should I begin by welcoming myself back? 20170513_220258

Holy Shit! It has been 20 days since my last post.  Pretty certain I have been MIA since May began.  And to be honest, I probably shouldn’t have left you all in suspense with such a morbid and saddening piece like Secret Thoughts & Feelings.

I had to share it even if it was painful for me.  I had to get it off my chest even if it meant sharing things I keep to myself on purpose.  I needed to vent and I needed someone, anyone to tell, to care, to reach out. And those who matter did just that. Thank you to those few who contacted me. It is very eye opening sharing something so terrible, especially eye opening to see the ‘friends’ who truly don’t care. IMG_20170517_114224_137
I apologize for my lack of chatter, but my school work, added classes, and homework had taken over until yesterday. I usually keep my people posted via Facebook and Instagram – you can find those links below.

So, what have I been up to in my absence?

School. 20170510_205522


Getting stabbed and stabbing others.

Driving back and forth to Lexington and Louisville.

And, a few pub nights with my great friends here in Georgetown.

I have only had one day off, really, in this entire time running around like crazy.  But, I did manage to get tons of photos so I may bombard you in this post.IMG_20170517_114224_137

I completed another two weeks with the University of Phoenix.  Only 7 more weeks until I complete my Bachelor’s degree in Communication with a Certificate in Journalism, too. Seven more weeks and I can hopefully be done with school forever.  Only 50 days.

For the past two weeks, I have attended the Emergency Medical Training Professionals school in Lexington, Ky.  I took their Phlebotomy course to become nationally certified and I officially finished classes yesterday.   I am not a squeamish person and blood does not frighten me, I pretty much live at the VA, so why not do something there? I am officially a Vampire. V””VIMG_20170509_195845

In those weeks I learned about blood flow of the heart, medical terminology, how to do venipuncture and dermals while getting a few pokes on myself, with all of the information for the tubes for blood – there is a lot of stuff to know.

I got a few battle wounds (read: bruises) of my own, with my arms looking slightly terrible towards the end of class. I got 30 successful pokes on live people, as well as doing some mannequin pokes (read: stabs) and blood draws with the butterfly needles. SO MUCH INFORMATION in such a short amount of time!

My class took their NHA exam and we all passed with high scores!  We had so many giggles, I took a selfie EVERY DAY to document my time, and I even made a shirt for class, using ‘Stab’ since I knew our instructor would disapprove.

This school, EMTPKy, was beyond better than expected.  Even my certificate was specially made with my name in green – because, you know, it’s those little details that mean a lot.  I cannot speak highly enough for my teacher, Miss Devin, and the entire school itself.  I may even take the EMT-Paramedic class someday! But that’ll be at another time.Snapchat-937515484
A few days later, I got to attend the IV class to get my Intravenous Therapy Certificate to go with my Certificate for Phlebotomy Technician. This certificate class required a day of learning about how to perform and administer an IV, if you didn’t figure that out already.  We got to stab/poke a mannequin and then each other, and I was lucky enough to have some of the same girls from my phlebotomy class with me, so we knew we already trusted each other with sharps and poking at one another.IMG_20170519_174209_340
Now, I get to apply at the VA hospital blood labs in Lexington and anywhere else that does not discriminate against my hair color.  Most hospitals tend to frown upon the green hair, even if I pull it back neatly and present myself professionally otherwise.

Again, I am not sure how or why hair color can help determine work ethic, camaraderie or my strive to do a good job.  Suppose I should interview with a blond wig, get myself hired, and just show up to training as my normal, AWESOME, green-haired self?

Anywho, I finished up the past three weeks by seeing Sundy Best, a Kentucky band, at the Irish Pub that I love, Slainte Public House.  Oh, My Goodness, there was so much talent there last night, I cannot even explain how much I like this band.  I have had a copy of their Revival CD in the car since I saw one of their members about a month ago at Slainte, and I have listened to it almost every day since.

To top it all off?  It was also World IBD Day yesterday! SmartSelectImage_2017-05-19-03-49-23
In my Crohn’s world, I am still submitting articles to IBD News Today, and I just began my fourth series of articles that focus on Crohn’s Complications.  This column has helped me research the things I have not fully experienced, such as ‘major’ surgeries for ostomies or stomas, blockages and such.  I am familiar with ER visits, though, so I do discuss my personal Crohn’s journey at times.  My last series tried to focus on the symptoms ‘Beyond the Bathroom’.

As for me, my stomach still hurts and I still have bleeding, tummy tenderness, urgency and the usual song and dance that I get to have with my Crohn’s.  Even more so now that I have been forced to get up and move every day, regardless of how I am feeling.  My skin has been irritated, my hands hurt at the joints, and I had to cancel my appointment with MSK for my steroid shots just so I could take the IV class.  I wonder if it will take me long to get it rescheduled?
I have still not heard from GI regarding my blood work or our plan of action for my new medication regime.  I was told Stelara or Cimzia, and I would like to know which to prepare myself for, so I can Google the hell out of it and try to research exactly what I am getting into.  I did try to call GI one day, but my results from blood work were not back yet to tell Dr. S about my trough levels.  I know what the levels are now, but of course, I cannot read the results, only Google and find interpretations. IMG_20170516_024924_588
I have had night sweats and insomnia, waking up early after going to bed late.  Class was extremely hard with only around 3 hours of sleep a night. Coffee continued to be my biggest help. My breast pain and my Gabapentin routines continue, with yet another small boil inside my armpit to add to the discomfort – this one makes five. They disappear but they are painful while they last.  I truly need to meet with dermatology, too, to see about these and whether they are another autoimmune disease or not.  At the least, I could get it under control.

I am still refusing to see my therapist as I feel there was a breach of communication and trust between us – so I cannot imagine ever meeting with them again.  I may request an outside source but this has bothered me since I found out that my information was being read without my knowledge of it – a BIG NO NO for me.  So, I have been learning or trying to deal with things by myself and that isn’t easy.

Before any further delays from me, I’ll go ahead and share this post.  I am so sorry for the lack of interaction.  The next few weeks shall be better, I hope.


Because I know that It Could Be Worse.

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