Phlebotomy and Prednisone

August 25th. That was my last blog post. You know how long that was? That is another 16 days that have passed. I suppose a lot but not too much has happened in that time, and so I'll try to catch you up. See Eleven More Days. After August 25th, I started writing my first set... Continue Reading →


Should I begin by welcoming myself back? Holy Shit! It has been 20 days since my last post.  Pretty certain I have been MIA since May began.  And to be honest, I probably shouldn't have left you all in suspense with such a morbid and saddening piece like Secret Thoughts & Feelings. I had to... Continue Reading →

Better Late Than Never

I know. I am the absolute worst. I am now 2 days late posting, having missed my Sunday blog post day, and I hate doing that.  I like to keep a schedule but I have to just post when I can, I suppose, but I still aim for Sunday blog days. I'm sorry. After last... Continue Reading →

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