Better Late Than Never

I know. I am the absolute worst.

I am now 2 days late posting, having missed my Sunday blog post day, and I hate doing that.  I like to keep a schedule but I have to just post when I can, I suppose, but I still aim for Sunday blog days. I’m sorry.

After last weeks post of Green With Envy, this week has been a mess of sorts. School(s) + migraines + liquid diets + insomnia, this makes things just that much harder, but I’ll get through it.

Monday was for homework, but that’s my usual plans for that day. With homework due at midnight on Phoenix time, I’m usually up until at least 2 am or 3 finishing my editing. So far, 100% for every blog assignment, with one grade of 94, which I was slightly mad about.  I went to Kroger to get dinner and to just take a break from the computer.Better Late Than Never - It Could Be Worse Blog

I was up until early morning Tuesday, which causes me to lollygag and I have to force myself to get up. Sometimes the insomnia is so bad I am up all night log, only to fall asleep around 3 am or later. This happens more and more.Better Late Than Never - It Could Be Worse Blog

Tuesday was not too eventful, I went to the closing Kmart, again, and I got my nephew some Sesame Street items for his upcoming birthday. Aunt Mary wants to be the Best! The perks of getting up and going out meant I also got to get an iced coffee! And I think by now everyone has noticed that I LOVE my coffee, considering I do post selfies daily on my social media stories with a coffee.

Ah, Wednesday! Wednesday ended up beginning a stressful day and ending on a positive note. Previously I had mentioned attending Phlebotomy school here in Georgetown, they had a program very close to my home, which would have been convenient.

Well. Get this…

I called the Kentucky Health Training School, and spoke with Mahogany and then Carla, the manager (I think). Anyway, when I was initially speaking with Mahogany, I knew my hair would be an issue for some clinical hour sites, having required 20 hours for the course. It was unclear if I could choose my own location, so I wanted to ask and to let them know that I do have the green hair.

So, after I told the receptionist that I had green hair and questions about it, the tone of the conversation immediately changed. I asked why. Why could I not have green hair? What does my hair color have to do with work ethic? With employment? With drawing blood? With dealing with patients? Why was the ‘rule’ in place?

Mahogany told me that Medicaid made the rules. That the color was unnatural, and that’s all she knew. So I asked her if I had blonde hair, and colored it red, that would be unnatural for me, how is that any different? If I had my dreadlocks still, would that be reason enough to deny me?

So Carla, the manager (?), took over and told me the same thing. That Medicaid made the rules, and if I wanted information, well, then, I would have to call them myself. So I did.

When I spoke with Medicaid, they suggested speaking to the NHA about it, because they did not know what I was talking about. So I called the NHA.

When I called the NHA, they told me to call the Board of Education for a complaint, because even they had no regulations based on hair color. As long as I look the part, then they saw no issue. And let’s face it, I know how to wear a uniform and rock a sock-bun; that Navy blood still runs through me, lest they forget.

I mentioned that I was a current student preparing to graduate with my Bachelors, that I am a Navy veteran, a hard worker who knows how to work with a team, and how to present myself appropriately. I may have green hair but that doesn’t affect anything.

I was told that they provided the clinical locations based on each student, and “No one will want that” – referring to my hair, which ultimately means I am a bad person, right? So I hung up and immediately regretted it. I called back to tell Mahogany to take me off their potential enrollment list, and Carla told me “Do not apply here” and she hung up, too…. A hot mess, right? Ugh.

I mean, she would have never known had I not told her. I could have worn one of the many wigs at my house and no one would be the wiser. 
I called the VA Hospital in Lexington, just to see their opinion in their lab, and whether they provide clinical sites to students, and further students with green hair. While they do not offer clinical sites, I was told by the lab manager that she didn’t care if my hair was blue, green, or orange, if I could draw blood properly.  She also told me that once I had my certificate, to come see her and she would hire me. How exciting!

So then, I call another school in Lexington, EMTP. I explained my previous situation and I was more than welcomed at this new school. Not only will I not have to do the clinical hours, all of that is done in-house, and they don’t mind having a Green-Haired Mary in attendance.

Better Late Than Never - It Could Be Worse Blog

After I spoke with one of their representatives, I decided to go visit it for a tour. I was given a tour of the school and a rundown of some of the programs. Eventually, I would plan to take them all, the EKG, CPR, etc., but for now, I will take the one course and go from there.

I really liked the people and the environment of the school, and so I signed the paperwork to begin my attendance. I will begin in May, so I look forward to ‘stabbing’ some people. Ha-Ha!

After that, I knew I would need some scrubs, or at least scrub pants for when I begin class. My mother had already given me a bunch, but I needed the XS sizes instead of small. I bought four pairs of scrub pants and went home to get into pajamas.

The day had already been long enough but to make matters worse, I was up until around 3:30 am that next morning. I know I have probably said it before, but I get so tired that I just cannot sleep. I lie on the couch and watch movies all hours of the night, only to repeat this process every night until I finally pass out and sleep.

Thursday, I was so tired, go figure. I did manage to get up and walk my baby, Bilbo, and I wrote my next article for IBD News, focusing on my Double Balloon Endoscopy.

That night I began my ‘liquid diet’. I had gotten some protein meal replacement drinks at Sam’s Club, and I had hoped that by not eating and vomiting every night, that my bowels and stomach could have a little time to calm down. Chronic vomiting is exhausting. It is debilitating. It is overwhelming. And I never know when nausea will hit me, it comes without warning sometimes.

I filled my medication pill case that evening, I had ben slacking on refilling it, and I had to catch back up. A medication cocktail and Gatorade after a chocolate protein shake, yum. I will note that my stomach felt so full after the shake, I assume because it is not used to being ‘full’.

The next day, on Friday, I focused on cleaning my closet (I did not finish it), and I prepared for the Kentucky game. I woke up a mess but I was slightly productive. I went back to Slainte for Stella’s a few times this week, and even took baby Bilbo!

Bilbo got to go to Slainte and sit outside in their back area, and I cannot tell you how good he was! I was expecting him to be an asshole (no joke), but he surprised everyone with how well-mannered he was. He even got some nachos from people and made tons of new friends!

Sadly, the Wildcats lost on Sunday, and I was at Country Boy Brewery to see it. Not feeling 100% that morning, I still managed to get up and meet friends there to watch the game, but the night was ruined from the lost game going forward. Bad nights are never fun to discuss so I will leave it at that.

Sunday, I know I was supposed to blog, and that’s why this one is coming to you two days late, almost three. Running around and then not sleeping well, I get exhausted quickly and most likely I regret it the next day. I do love Country Boy, though!

More and more my lower back starts to hurt me, still with my breast nerve pains, rectal bleeding, migraines, joint pain in my wrists, skin issues, stomach pains, vomiting, and, of course, insomnia. I have a shopping list of symptoms and issues, I know.

This week, I finished my Journalistic Writing I class yesterday, and I began Journalistic Writing II today. I will have to get a Two-Step TB Test in order to attend EMTP School.  I will go to see my Primary Care physician to get that shot tomorrow.10-two-step-tb-skin-testingpub

With a Two-Step TB Test, not often done, you go back more than once to have the injection site checked. Most of the time only one check is done, but this test requires multiple visits, i.e. Two-Steps.

I’ll go in for the shot, and then back again on Friday for the first reaction results. I‘ll also take my transcript to the school, too, as well as a Dermatology visit and even more upcoming appointments. Busy busy!

Next blog, I’ll try to be on schedule, and I hope to have as good as week as this one, with good news and exciting adventures! Better late than never. I know, It Could Be Worse.

Better Late Than Never - It Could Be Worse Blog


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