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Remicade Infusion Day #2

Like most weeks in my Crohn's journey this far, this week was similarly filled with doctors visits, phone calls, unnecessary drama, and, scattered throughout, there have been a few highlights of the week to brighten the mood. After Friday's blog was finally posted (The Week In Between), Philip and I went to dinner together, and… Continue reading Remicade Infusion Day #2

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The Week In Between

This week just happens to be my in-between week, with only one doctor's appointment scheduled and a few calls to the VA. There were no appointments for GI, no shots needed, no follow-ups for consultations, and no blood work that I had to take care of this week for my Crohn's disease and issues. This… Continue reading The Week In Between

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Consultations and Remicade Infusions

I'd like to start by saying thank you to all the welcomed followers who read this blog weekly. I know some weeks can be chaotic and others can be slightly boring, so every view is appreciated. Like many other weeks, this week had its ups and downs, it's events and its issues, the good and… Continue reading Consultations and Remicade Infusions

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Chest Pains & ER Visit #3

Ugh, what a week. A week of pain. A week of waiting. A week of drama. A week that's finally over. Hallelujah! After my last post on Friday, No More Humira for Mary, my weekend was spent celebrating part 3 of Halloween 2016.  To say this year was epic would be an understatement.  I believe… Continue reading Chest Pains & ER Visit #3

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No More Humira for Mary

This week has been slightly busier than usual and nothing really went as planned. We had another epic Halloween this year, with 2 of 3 parties attended so far, (one more to go for this weekend, hopefully), and I felt well enough Friday that we didn't have to bail.  We had originally canceled our Halloween… Continue reading No More Humira for Mary

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1 Month of Humira

Well, another week has come and gone, as they seem to always do, with appointments and medications galore. I have been on Humira for ONE WHOLE MONTH now, with no changes in my Crohn's issues, but more problems than I began with, except we will get to that. This has been the first week of using… Continue reading 1 Month of Humira

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Here I Go Again – Humira Wednesday #2

Since last Friday's blog post, a few things have happened in my Crohn's and wellness journey, other than me shamelessly sharing selfies of myself in Cure for IBD shirts. (Remember, 100% of funds goes to research!) I have had multiple phone interviews with the VA, Humira Wednesday #2 came and went, and, Sunday was our… Continue reading Here I Go Again – Humira Wednesday #2