Crohn’s Disease Essentials and Emergency Kits | It Could Be Worse Blog

First shared with IBD News, I keep items in case of emergencies and essentials I think I need as an IBD patient and Crohn's disease warrior. If you're like me and suffer from Crohn's disease or IBD, you know you have to be prepared for a number of things that could happen. That's why having a … Continue reading Crohn’s Disease Essentials and Emergency Kits | It Could Be Worse Blog


Remicade Infusion Day #4

After Saturday's post, Another MRI for Mary, my weekend went as per usual, filled with marinating on the couch, finishing homework, filling my pill case, and, writing for my blogs - yes, plural.  I can't believe it.  It is still quite nice to know that I am out there sharing on multiple outlets and bringing … Continue reading Remicade Infusion Day #4

Remicade Infusion Day #3

I know I know, I missed a week of posting.  But shit happens.  No pun intended. I apologize for the hiatus. I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  I know that sounds disingenuous or insincere, but, trust me, I'm sure your holiday was better than mine, and I'll … Continue reading Remicade Infusion Day #3

‘Tis the Season…

Today being blog post Friday, I knew I couldn't leave you guys this week without posting before the holiday festivities. So, I planned this one out and wrote a little each day, and I will try to be quick so you can get back to your long weekend and your parties.  'Tis the season for … Continue reading ‘Tis the Season…

Remicade Infusion Day #2

Like most weeks in my Crohn's journey this far, this week was similarly filled with doctors visits, phone calls, unnecessary drama, and, scattered throughout, there have been a few highlights of the week to brighten the mood. After Friday's blog was finally posted (The Week In Between), Philip and I went to dinner together, and … Continue reading Remicade Infusion Day #2

The Week In Between

This week just happens to be my in-between week, with only one doctor's appointment scheduled and a few calls to the VA. There were no appointments for GI, no shots needed, no follow-ups for consultations, and no blood work that I had to take care of this week for my Crohn's disease and issues. This … Continue reading The Week In Between

Remicade Infusion Day #1

This week's excitement comes after a festive Thanksgiving.  Spending some much needed time with a loving family is just what the heart and mind demand. This past weekend we had intended to go see a movie.  I even got up and did my face and hair, but I could not seem to leave my office … Continue reading Remicade Infusion Day #1