Remicade Infusion Day #1

This week's excitement comes after a festive Thanksgiving.  Spending some much needed time with a loving family is just what the heart and mind demand. This past weekend we had intended to go see a movie.  I even got up and did my face and hair, but I could not seem to leave my office... Continue Reading →

ER Déjà Vu & Veterans Day Weekend

Well, what a week?!? After Friday's ER visit, Saturday and Sunday were spent on the couch, not doing anything but complaining about the chest pains and all of my other ailments.  I continued to have sharp pains, even with the prescribed muscle relaxers, so something was wrong. At first, we thought maybe my childhood Shingles... Continue Reading →

No More Humira for Mary

This week has been slightly busier than usual and nothing really went as planned. We had another epic Halloween this year, with 2 of 3 parties attended so far, (one more to go for this weekend, hopefully), and I felt well enough Friday that we didn't have to bail.  We had originally canceled our Halloween... Continue Reading →

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