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Stelara Self-Injection #10 -Giving A Self-Injection Correctly

Hello to all!

My name is Mary and I have Crohn’s disease.

I am a US Navy veteran, communication and journalism graduate, licensed cosmetologist and licensed phlebotomist, and a columnist for a few websites mentioned below. I am a fur mom and I write about my life.

I discuss my Crohn’s disease, Fibromyalgia, migraines, slipping ribs, and, the other issues I have.

It took me two years to diagnosis for my Crohn’s disease. I have had three perianal surgeries with my IBD, two perianal abscesses removed and fistulotomies. I am currently on Stelara and we (my GI and I) think it is working!

My hands have had issues, with recurring ganglion cysts and pain with De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis. I have been in and out of hand braces since 2016. I have had steroid injections, physical therapy, and, three cyst removal surgeries with one tendon sheath release surgery on my left hand.

My wonky ribs, I have slipping rib syndrome which causes one rib to slip up and under the rib above it. I have had a neurectomy of my 8-11th nerves on my left side. When that didn’t help, we put in a titanium plate for the costochondral dislocation for my second chest wall surgery. I got sick after, and coughing caused the plate to shift and I literally had a screw loose. The plate came out in my third surgery and a rib resection was done to remove the cartilage tip that was slipping. These ribs are a continuous battle.

I mention using the Va hospital for all of my care and what I deal with when it comes to appointments. I also talk about PTSD, anxiety and depression and mental health. I even go into dermatology issues, problems with ovarian cysts, infertility, and any other health issue I have come across. I talk surgeries, scopes, blood tests, x-rays and more.

I enjoy sharing my journey and I thank you for reading.

It may not be easy, but for me, It Could Be Worse.

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25 thoughts

  1. Hi Mary! I’m a Kentuckiana girl myself .. I’m the latter half … lol .. I, too have Crohn’s though my diagnosis was many moons ago (18 years to be exact) .. I’m very new to the blogging world, too! I look forward to reading through your blog and getting to know you! If you feel inclined, I hope you’ll check out my world, too! Xoxo ~ Janie

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Mary!

    Really glad that you started following me on pintrest & that I followed you back. I was just recently diagnosed with Crohns this past May. Its been hell and then some, so im definitely glad that I have someone who shares what im going through.

    Just had my first starter dose of humira this past friday. Hopefully it works for me.

    Well wishes!


    1. Missy, I try to find anyone looking or using Crohn’s information, so I am very glad you’re following me back now. It sounds like you and I have some similarities, I had just been diagnosed in March and started Humira on the 7th, too. I really hope it starts working for the both of us!!


  3. Hey Mary! I don’t have Crohn’s, but I have suffered from IBS in the past. Your story is so relatable and inspiring. I love your positive spirit. Thanks for sharing, babe. And yeah — “why filter the realities of our life?” Mad love, chica

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    1. It’s a bummer that you suffer from IBS, no bowel issues are ever fun. I’m wishing you nothing but the best, too, and I thank you for all the kind words! I hope you have found some relief!!! 🙂


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