Two-Step TB Test – WK 1

As well as another late blog post week, this week is a short week. If you notice, last week's blog, Better Late Than Never, was posted on Tuesday rather than last Sunday. Wednesday began this short week filled with doctors appointments, thrift stores, family, and of course, writing and coffee. Wednesday and Friday I'll call … Continue reading Two-Step TB Test – WK 1


1 Year Anniversary of Crohn’s Diagnosis Day | It Could Be Worse Blog

A year ago today I was given a gift, a curse, a problem but no cure. I was given a life long battle that I would have to fight against every day. After 2 years of struggling against my own body, I was finally given a diagnosis of Crohn's disease and my life would continue … Continue reading 1 Year Anniversary of Crohn’s Diagnosis Day | It Could Be Worse Blog

Remicade Infusion Day #2

Like most weeks in my Crohn's journey this far, this week was similarly filled with doctors visits, phone calls, unnecessary drama, and, scattered throughout, there have been a few highlights of the week to brighten the mood. After Friday's blog was finally posted (The Week In Between), Philip and I went to dinner together, and … Continue reading Remicade Infusion Day #2

The Week In Between

This week just happens to be my in-between week, with only one doctor's appointment scheduled and a few calls to the VA. There were no appointments for GI, no shots needed, no follow-ups for consultations, and no blood work that I had to take care of this week for my Crohn's disease and issues. This … Continue reading The Week In Between

Happy with My Crohn’s Disease

I know for a couple of my previous posts I have been kind of a ‘Negative Nancy’, and after a loooong talk with Philip, I am trying to maintain a positive outlook, because I WILL eventually feel better. I have not been angry at my body this week, I am more tired and exhausted than … Continue reading Happy with My Crohn’s Disease

Bad Luck & Bad Timing…

Since my rant on Sunday, I have been further blocked from the Crohn's group on Facebook, to where I can no longer see them, so I have that going for me. (See Open Letter) Monday I began the Topamax medication, and I can already sense a delay in my mind, where I am searching for … Continue reading Bad Luck & Bad Timing…

This Week was Canceled

This past week started out great, but it turned out to be another Crohn's week for me. We had an awesome impromptu trip to Natural Bridge in Kentucky on Saturday, to celebrate some friends and their first year wedding anniversary, which in itself makes up for the crappy week. Last week, I had decided to … Continue reading This Week was Canceled