1 Year Anniversary of Crohn’s Diagnosis Day | It Could Be Worse Blog

A year ago today I was given a gift, a curse, a problem but no cure. I was given a life long battle that I would have to fight against every day.

After 2 years of struggling against my own body, I was finally given a diagnosis of Crohn’s disease and my life would continue to change thereafter.

Today marks my 1 year anniversary of diagnosis, a day that will follow me for the span of my life. – And, to top it off, I was diagnosed on my beloved St. Paddy’s Day. The luck of the Irish is not with me.

Today I wear IBD. I write IBD. I live IBD.

IBD consumes my life in all aspects.

Since then, I have started sharing my journey, I began writing for me and for others, I have been nominated as a top Crohn’s blog, and I have even been offered an invitation for a GI Advisory Board position. Who knew that this would be the path that my Crohn’s diagnosis would take me on?

Happy 1 Year Anniversary to me and my Crohn’s. I look forward to sharing more. It Could Be Worse. 😷💜🍀

#crohns #itcouldbeworse

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