1 Year Anniversary of Crohn’s Diagnosis Day | It Could Be Worse Blog

A year ago today I was given a gift, a curse, a problem but no cure. I was given a life long battle that I would have to fight against every day.

After 2 years of struggling against my own body, I was finally given a diagnosis of Crohn’s disease and my life would continue to change thereafter.

Today marks my 1 year anniversary of diagnosis, a day that will follow me for the span of my life. – And, to top it off, I was diagnosed on my beloved St. Paddy’s Day. The luck of the Irish is not with me.

Today I wear IBD. I write IBD. I live IBD.

IBD consumes my life in all aspects.

Since then, I have started sharing my journey, I began writing for me and for others, I have been nominated as a top Crohn’s blog, and I have even been offered an invitation for a GI Advisory Board position. Who knew that this would be the path that my Crohn’s diagnosis would take me on?

Happy 1 Year Anniversary to me and my Crohn’s. I look forward to sharing more. It Could Be Worse. 😷💜🍀

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Author: It Could Be Worse Blog

I am a Kentuckian, a blogger and Crohn's Disease columnist, a military veteran, a model, and a mother to my fur baby, Bilbo. In this blog, I will share my opinions and life experiences, my feelings and problems, with my patient perspective and other health related issues. I will share stories from my life, the good and bad and the real things that others may not be as open to discussing, and hopefully you can (or can't) relate. Thank you! For Me, It Could Be Worse.

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