Hurry Up and Wait

This week has not gone as planned. Since last week, we had our fantasy football draft and I managed to get another week with 100% credit in my communications class. Now with football back on, I'll have to reschedule my homework days so I don't miss the Sunday and Monday games or my Bengals. Who … Continue reading Hurry Up and Wait


Frankie, Myrtle, and the Double Balloon​

Double Balloon - It Could Be Worse Blog

Thursday I will be prepping for Friday, with no dinner and a trip to Indiana.  Friday I will be too busy to post, I’ll be having that Double Balloon procedure I have mentioned a few times before, so this week’s post is coming to you early, and it is chaos filled as usual. (See IU Double … Continue reading Frankie, Myrtle, and the Double Balloon​

IU – Double Balloon Consult

This morning the hubs and I got to make the 3-hour commute from Georgetown to Indiana University, for yet another consult.  We had a 20-minute consult, this one with Dr. B, a digestive disorder specialist, to discuss my Crohn's and plan for the Double Balloon. Couldn't we have done this over the phone?!  Sure.  But … Continue reading IU – Double Balloon Consult

5 Facts About Crohn’s Disease | It Could Be Worse Blog

Here are 5 things to know about Crohn's Disease, if you don't know about it - or me - already. 5. Crohn's is a Disease Okay, so that one was a given. Of course, something labeled Crohn's Disease is a disease. Crohn's is a disease specific of the gastrointestinal tract or GI tract. Crohn's makes … Continue reading 5 Facts About Crohn’s Disease | It Could Be Worse Blog

So What If I’m Bitter

Considering I have been diagnosed with an incurable disease like Crohn’s, I feel I have every right to be upset, and to be upset often, if that’s how I decide to cope with my issues.  If you were put in my shoes sometimes, you would be troubled too. I am struggling with this incurable issue, a … Continue reading So What If I’m Bitter

Another Rant About Veteran Care

Veteran’s Healthcare should not be this difficult. I have spent 4 hours today on the phone.  4 HOURS. I spent that 4 hours trying to figure out something as simple as the correct location of my Tuesday Capsule appointment, of all things. All I needed was an address.Veteran’s health care should not be this difficult. I … Continue reading Another Rant About Veteran Care