Another Year Gone

It's funny how slow time can be, but before you know it, another week is gone, then a month, then a year.  We are slowly meeting our 1 year anniversary of living in Kentucky in a few weeks.  This also means it's my 1 year anniversary of seeing Ky doctors for all of my Crohn's... Continue Reading →

Scheduling, Scans, Samples

Since last Friday, we finally managed to go see the new Captain America, without me throwing up in the movie theater parking lot. We took my brother all over Georgetown and Lexington, got him lots of goodies and clothes to take home, and we tried to treat him to lots of new foods.  I wish... Continue Reading →

More Testing For Mary

This week, I had an appointment with my GI clinic, to follow up about my 90 day trial with the Budesonide, to see if my issues have gone into ‘remission’. Yesterday was my last day on that medication, thank goodness, because it was a waste of time.  I am really mad at myself for even... Continue Reading →

What Am I Afraid Of?

This week sucked, to be completely honest and keep it simple.  Anything and everything that could go wrong has gone wrong, and it is only Thursday.  There are still 2 more days with opportunity for me to fail, but let’s hope not. We missed a friend’s wedding, and we missed Mother’s day lunch, and that... Continue Reading →

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