Entyvio Infusion #1 - It Could Be Worse Mary Horsley
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Entyvio Infusion #1

Since last my last post, 'Busy, Busy', another two weeks have come and gone. Another two weeks and I am that much closer to graduation. I have 2 weeks after Monday and I cannot begin to tell you how ready I am to be done with homework. 16 days to go. And in those two… Continue reading Entyvio Infusion #1

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Busy, Busy

9 days have gone by, with life being as hectic as ever. I've done a handful of new photoshoots and I've seen my newest favorite band a few times. I've recently become obsessed with Sundy Best, a local Kentucky band, and if you haven't seen my live videos on Facebook, then you can see some… Continue reading Busy, Busy

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Oh, my.  I am the worst at consistency with posting. I think it is safe to say I'll post when I can. This post comes with multiple days and many levels of exhaustion. I hope it all makes sense. Well, it is 4:34 a.m. on Tuesday morning. I have a photo shoot today and I… Continue reading Painsomniac

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Up All Night, Sleep All Day

I thank all who continue to read my ramblings every week and I apologize for the delays. Saturday blog days turn into late blog nights, but eventually, I get them done and posted. I lollygag and I lose my train of thought.  I like to just go with whatever is in my head, remembering things here… Continue reading Up All Night, Sleep All Day

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Insomnia and Humira Wednesday #4

Another week has come and gone, with no relief for Mary. I have spent 75% of my time this week in the bathroom, with my legs asleep from sitting too long or vomiting what food I have actually tried to snack on.Yes, I'm still puking. I have not kept down a full meal since July… Continue reading Insomnia and Humira Wednesday #4