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Doctors, Family, Medications, & Photoshoots

If I thought last week was chaos, this week was just as busy. After my ER visit #5 and posting my blog on Friday, I had the worst insomnia. Usually, the excitement and intensity of those days wear me out, but I could not sleep for the life of me.  My insomnia continues to get… Continue reading Doctors, Family, Medications, & Photoshoots

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Weekly Chaos & ER Visit #5

I have to say, this week has not been the best for me, but it has not been my worst. More than once this week I have questioned whether a trip to the ER was needed or if I should see my Primary Care doctor, but we will get to that. To start off the… Continue reading Weekly Chaos & ER Visit #5

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Time Wasted

Okay, so....Today's blog post is coming to you late again this week. The tardiness is due to daily stressors, Crohn's issues and some family drama. Go figure.  This week has been time wasted, with nothing but migraines, onesies, wrong appointments, you know, the usual. Friday after my infusion, I posted Remicade Day #2 right at… Continue reading Time Wasted

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Another Rant About Veteran Care

Veteran’s Healthcare should not be this difficult. I have spent 4 hours today on the phone.  4 HOURS. I spent that 4 hours trying to figure out something as simple as the correct location of my Tuesday Capsule appointment, of all things. All I needed was an address.Veteran’s health care should not be this difficult. I… Continue reading Another Rant About Veteran Care