This Week was Canceled

This past week started out great, but it turned out to be another Crohn’s week for me.

Natural Bridge Cabins in Slade Kentucky - Sunset
Natural Bridge Cabins in Slade Kentucky – Sunset

We had an awesome impromptu trip to Natural Bridge in Kentucky on Saturday, to celebrate some friends and their first year wedding anniversary, which in itself makes up for the crappy week.

Last week, I had decided to double up on my course work, adding another class to my school schedule. For the past year, I have been attending the University of Phoenix, completing one course every 5 weeks, and getting really good grades, if I do say so myself.

So, I figured, why not take two and I can finish my degree before March?  But, before week one was even finished, I was already calling my advisors.

I haven’t felt well.

I’ve been tired.

I have doctors appointments to attend and scheduling still ahead of me.

I can’t even think some days, let alone deal with double the course load. I was not going to harm my GPA just to finish sooner.

University of Phoenix grades - 100%
University of Phoenix grades – 100%

I had to drop a course, so now I’m back to one for the time being, Communication Law.  Maybe after we get my issues into remission, maybe then I can take two and complete my degree quicker.

Monday, I had a consultation at the VA for musculoskeletal, and I was under the impression that I would be receiving corticosteroid shots in my hands, and that would be the end of it.

But after poking and pinching and testing my hands, Dr. K, another new doctor, confirmed I have de Quervains tenosynovitis, in addition to weak wrists, and a new diagnosis of Carpal Tunnel. I’ve read these issues are considered “cousins”, because they both affect my poor thumbs.

No, I didn’t get any shots in my hands.

They could only get one hand done that same day (Monday), so we had to reschedule for a little over a month away – Aug 22, so I could be fit in to have both of my hands get corticosteroid shots.

They refused to do one at a time, trust me, I asked, but the doctor said the steroids needed to be done the same day?!?

Lexington VA - Musculoskeletal consultation - Mary Fornoff - It Could Be Worse Blog

I was told to continue wearing my night wrist braces, and to stop doing anything that was hurting my hands. But that means everything I do, really?!

It hurts to lift anything, and it hurts to type.  Hell, even now, I am speaking into my phone, letting it dictate for me.  Heaven forbid I make it any worse.

I guess I can’t tell Dr. K that basic everyday life hurts my hands because that’s not good enough, and there are certain things I’m going to have to do.  I’ll look forward to my appointment in August.

Hopefully, the shots will help my hands stop aching, and fix both issues in my hands. (This appointment will be the same week as my GI Consult with Dr. Wolf.  Hopefully, all of my issues can be managed or fixed that week!)

The braces hurt, and rub me raw. My wrists are sore from wanting to be used, straining underneath the splints, and I can’t even take Ibuprofen because NSAIDs like that are off-limits with my bowel ulcers.

Go figure, I get to live with it another month.  Because what’s another month to someone not living this life?

Carpal Tunnel - Wrist braces - It Could Be Worse Blog

After my appointment, I finished homework, because homework is ALWAYS due on Monday’s for me.

Then, I got to play around with product reviews, like testing out Dues butt lotions and Shark headlamps in my bathroom. I’m not kidding.  (See my product review page for more on that.)

But, after Monday, the rest of my week was cancelled.

I have had 4 meals this week since Monday, and I have thrown up every evening.  My stomach has not been cooperating with me, and I feel ‘yucky’ most days.

I haven’t done my face all week since my appointment, and I haven’t left pajamas either.

I was supposed to see my awesome Mother-In-Law, but that didn’t happen.

I was supposed to participate in a conference call, for the CCFA Patient Education Advisory Committee, but of course, I did not participate.

I volunteered to help with their brochure edits and reviews, as the CCFA has over 40 publications that need updating every now and then, so it is the perfect opportunity for a communication and journalism student like me, who also suffers from IBD.


Luckily, they may have a second orientation I can attend, because this would be great exposure, and because Crohn’s is something I am already so passionate about.

Instead, I’ve laid on the couch and I’ve finished homework.  I’ve held my stomach in pain, been restless at night,  and I’ve looked into what benefits and careers I can get or do with my illness since it has taken over everything.

I’ve found myself apologizing more and more for my illness lately, offering up “sorry’s” for not feeling well.

I apologize to my family, and I apologize to friends.

I apologize to my hubs for being in a constant ‘ratchet’ mess, and I apologize for missed events and calls that I want to participate in.

I can’t seem to say it enough.

So again, I’m sorry to all those who are affected second-hand.

I can’t help it. I’m trying.


I’ve spent more time this week inside my bathroom than I’m happy to admit, and I’ve had a migraine almost all week; I have one Imitrex left until my prescription refills itself, hopefully, I won’t need more than that.  I’ll see Neuro next Thursday to discuss what seems to be constant migraines.

Deus Butt Lotion

My skin goes from looking okay, to worse, to okay again, so I have to keep track of all of my issues for Dermatology, too.  During my IU consult for the Double Ballon, Dr. B seemed to think I had an ongoing staph infection causing a few of my extra issues I have. (See IU Double Balloon)

I will have to discuss that during my next visit with Dermatology on the 3rd – right before my Dentist appointment the same day, where I will be getting my fillings replaced and cavities fixed.

Oh, and, I have had 2 cold sores appear this week; one showed up while I have been writing this, so I took a few Acyclovir and I hope it goes away. (Note to self: Do Not Touch It)

Thankfully, I have the majority of my posts automated on my blog’s Facebook so I don’t have to worry about that, in spite of it all.  Let’s not even get started on the infertility journey this week.

So I guess, It Could Be Worse.

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