Eleven More Days

Since my last post, Blood Work and Birthdays, it has been 11 days, almost 12. I celebrated my birthday weekend, and then we began a couple new weeks.

If you remember, I had tested positive on my last TB test, and I had to go in for new blood work. I had to go in and redo a lot of my pre-employment testing, and I am hopeful that I can begin orientation soon. I’m just waiting for the VA to call and confirm everything. I had emailed my recruiter/boss just to keep in contact with her, and I even tried to leave a message today. I have not heard back from either.

And as for my other jobs, since I didn’t get the prison job, I am kind of thankful. Instead, I was contacted through my Facebook about another possible income. Since I already write for IBD news, I submit an article weekly with them. I get paid per article at the end of the month. It is not much, but it gets my foot in the door to write more. And this is exactly what it is doing.

The senior editor for the website Everyday Health messaged me about an interview for an article and possibly contributing to their site. She had been keeping up with my articles on IBD News and loved that I had a degree in communication and journalism. She thought I had good insight about my Crohn’s disease and IBD with a different perspective being a veteran using the VA healthcare.

Once I spoke with her, we decided that I would begin with an assignment for two articles to submit for this month, and I would be making a significant amount more money for these. If all goes well, I would love to submit weekly or even multiple articles during the week. At just one article a week each month, I easily can pay the mortgage with that alone.

On Monday I got to watch the eclipse, we headed to Lexington to see one of my favorite bands and to enjoy the sights. We didn’t get 100% coverage, it didn’t get dark outside, but I did get almost a hundred percent coverage and it did get slightly gloomy for the moment. Photo Credit goes to my friend Blair! We tried very hard to get photos through the glasses. I didn’t get any decent or shareable ones, but she did!

We could watch it happening an hour before or after it happened, so you kind of see every little bit if you keep looking up enough. At first, it looks like a little Pac-Man with a chunk missing out of its side as the sun got smaller as the moon took over. And then it did that to the opposite side, so you got to witness hours of it.

After the show and the viewing, I went home and I got into pajamas and that’s how I’ve been all week. I have only left the house to go to Kroger or Walmart. This week has been a long one.

Eleven More Days Mary Horsley and Bilbo Baggins

I’m had to bring back and wear my brace on my right hand almost a week ago. I wake up in the night if I’m lucky enough to sleep, but I’ll wake up with cramps and pain in my thumb. I’ve kept the brace on at least 23 hours a day but as soon as I take it off and start to use my hand it starts to ache again.

Eleven More Days Mary Horsley Hand

Oddly, this is not the hands that I had the last ultrasound on. My left hand was the one killing me but it’s like it switched over to my right hand again. I get pain in either one or the other at different times. It’s chaotic and confusing.

My sleep has been off because of it. I get a few hours here and there, I get sleepy during the day but then I’m up all night or I toss and turn. I have so many things to do but I’m just so exhausted. Every now and then my body will crash and I’ll sleep for a long time, but I’m up a lot.


I fought migraines again this week, and I woke up with one today. My stomach has been the same with more all over tenderness. I have to find extra large t-shirts to avoid anything touching my body.

Eleven More Days Mary Horsley

I did write my columns this week, so I was productive in that sense. I submitted to IBD News and to Everyday Health, so I am excited to share those with you.  My IBD column focused on ‘How to Help a Friend with Crohn’s Disease’ and my first Everyday Health column will focus on Crohn’s disease as a veteran with an introduction and background about my journey.

Since I’m home and online often, I did create my Bilbo Baggins an Instagram and Facebook page. I get products for him sometimes and I was actually contacted for him to get a new leash to model! Watch him get more followers than myself! He’s such a beautiful puppy!

I did manage to find a wreath on Pinterest and recreate it! I had been given a bunch of tulle and craft mesh and I really wanted to make a wreath. I had just enough orange to make a pumpkin and I already had lights on metal wiring I could add to it. I am pretty damn proud of myself for how it turned out!

Such an exciting few weeks, right? Taking it easy this week is definitely something I think I needed. My sleep, my body, my head, everything has been off lately. I think I needed the break.

Eleven More Days Mary Horsley

The highlight of my week though, other than the new job, was finding a new cup at Walmart. I went to get zip ties and found my favorite emoji on a cup for .88¢. I had to have it.

Hopefully, this next week I’ll hear from the VA, about both the job and orientation, as well as about my hands and their pain. I have a week or so until I see GI again, so discussing the Entyvio or possibility of switching back to Remicade will be necessary. I’ve been on the Entyvio for a little while, but hopefully, I’ll have a better week with no issues.

Eleven More Days Mary Horsley

I’d hoped to post this sooner but I find myself marinating on the couch and avoiding doing anything if I can. I was really trying to post this last night but I didn’t want another midnight posting, so I waited until this morning to finish.

It is Saturday and I have nothing planned but writing and coffee so far.

For me, It Could Be Worse.


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