TWO MONTHS TIME | IT COULD BE WORSE BLOG - Mary Horsley - Crohn's disease abscess

Well, shit. It has been over a month, almost two, since my last blog post, and it'll probably be exactly two months time by the time I get this written and edited, photos added and the post uploaded. I know, I'm still slacking. I feel terrible about it. I do apologize for the delays, every … Continue reading TWO MONTHS TIME | IT COULD BE WORSE BLOG


Ganglionectomy | It Could Be Worse Blog

Lumpy, the Ganglion Cyst, A Trilogy - It Could Be Worse - Mary Horsley

Since my last blog post, Entyvio #6 -- The Last, my focus has been on my hands, as well as my Crohn's disease plan. After Entyvio #6, I still haven't heard from the Veteran's Choice Program about my stomach MRI. I tried to call my GI nurse about it, we sometimes end up playing phone … Continue reading Ganglionectomy | It Could Be Worse Blog


Oh, my.  I am the worst at consistency with posting. I think it is safe to say I'll post when I can. This post comes with multiple days and many levels of exhaustion. I hope it all makes sense. Well, it is 4:34 a.m. on Tuesday morning. I have a photo shoot today and I … Continue reading Painsomniac

Weekly Chaos & ER Visit #5

I have to say, this week has not been the best for me, but it has not been my worst. More than once this week I have questioned whether a trip to the ER was needed or if I should see my Primary Care doctor, but we will get to that. To start off the … Continue reading Weekly Chaos & ER Visit #5