Two-Step TB Test – WK 2

Since last blog post, this week has been hectic, so again, I have to apologize for the delay. I can’t seem to stay on schedule here as of late, but hopefully, I can get back on track.

School has been kicking my ass lately, so I never look forward to Mondays. Less than three classes until I’m finished, only 91 days. My countdown has officially begun! I cannot wait to be finished, I feel like I’ve been a student forever.Two-Step TB Test - WK 2 - It Could Be Worse

Insomnia has been a battle this week, with many nights that I try to fall asleep for hours to no avail, and other nights I am up and down throughout. A few nights and early mornings this week I was up around 4 and couldn’t fall back asleep until after 6. I hate being up but what can you do? Perhaps I’ll mention this to my doctor(s) for suggestions. The positive is I get to wake up to puppy cuddles every day.

Tuesday I went thrifting and shopping, and I even had to take Bilbo to the vet for a check up and to update his shots. The vet visit was not fun for either of us, as I had to watch him cry and be scared when they secreted his anal glands. The poor pup was so terrified it may be a problem taking him there, I’m sure he’ll fight it now.

I did snag some good finds when I was doing though. I have recently found a large mirror at the Goodwill and I found Star Wars pajama sets for $3 at Walmart. I got the pajamas in every color they had!Two-Step TB Test - WK 2 - It Could Be Worse

Wednesday was a VA day. That morning I had my TB shot #2 and I had to go to the pharmacy.  This would be the last shot of the TB series, but I would have to come back on friday for the last of the four visits, to make sure no infection or swelling.  Easy peasy.

After visiting both VA’s in Lexington, I wanted to get a tattoo.

I had been stalking finger tattoos for weeks, decided what I wanted and then I had to have em. I can thank IBD news for the work, as my paycheck has gone to tattoos every time. I want a new one every month!

I went to the local tattoo shop in Georgetown and got my hands done! We went with phases of the moon theme, and man, do finger tattoos hurt! I had remembered getting my shears on my fingers head hurt, but the top of the finger with a lot of black and a lot of dots/stars really dug into my fingers. I’ll have to go back to the tattoo shop for a quick fix and to add some more stars, but I love them for now! Two-Step TB Test - WK 2 - It Could Be Worse

Wednesday also marked a year of my blog. I have successfully shared over 50 posts, and I am forever grateful for all the support I have been given. This year has had a lot of ups and downs, there have been a lot of issues I’ve discussed, but, my blog has become very important to me. Thank you all!

Wednesday evening I submitted the fifth and last article of the Scope Series with IBD News Today, with a focus on my fistulotomy.

Part onepart twopart three and part four are also available.

This Scope Series focused on procedures that you will possibly have to undergo for Crohn’s disease, such as colonoscopies, endoscopies, a double balloon, a pill capsule endoscopy, a perianal abscess that leads to a fistulotomy, anything I have had to do.

Thursday, I went back to Goodwill and found some more steals! Some sequin shoes, a Vera Wang dress, and more black scrub pants. I have more than enough for school, I have over 10 pairs now, with five more on the way. Two-Step TB Test - WK 2 - It Could Be Worse

At Goodwill, I even found new hospital shoes in my size! What are the odds of that happening?! I was ecstatic. I had been researching shoes like Dansko or Landau, averaging $40 – $100 for a pair. Mine cost $3.99. You know I love a deal!

Friday was my Two-Step TB test finale, with visit #4 for check-up #2. Clearly negative tests, I got the paperwork I needed for phlebotomy school, so after the VA, I got to visit EMTP (the school) again. Two-Step TB Test - WK 2 - It Could Be Worse

At EMTP, I gave my paperwork and paid the enrollment and tuition in full. I also got an EMTP scrub top and some new t-shirts for the required uniform, even one about phlebotomy and vampires. How fun!

Since I have been Goodwill shopping and thrifting lately, I cleaned out my Poshmark closet so I could donate all of it. I had 3 large bags of clothes and shoes and jeans that hadn’t sold, so donating back was ideal.

After visiting EMTP, I had planned to go to drop off these clothes, but I went to the Salvation Army in Lexington and I was in shock at how much they had in their store, and how clean it looked. Everything was categorized and color coordinated, so of course, I was drawn to the scrubs and the black clothing in every aisle. I found the best gown I have ever seen – and for $2. Perfection.Two-Step TB Test - WK 2 - It Could Be Worse

Rather than donating the bags in the car, I was shopping instead. I found even more black scrub pants, more dresses, picture frames, etcetera. How had I not been there before?! I loved it and I will go back.

After Lexington, I went to back to Georgetown so we could get the lay-z-boy from the garage to donate, too. Goodwill accepted all my clothing items and the mirror, but they did not want the chair. Neither did the Habitat for Humanity Restore. And, shockingly, the recycle center wouldn’t take it either. Chaos! So, there it sits by my mailbox as I’m writing this sentence. By Saturday, the chair had vanished, so I’m hoping it went to a home that needed it.Two-Step TB Test - WK 2 - It Could Be Worse

Saturday was a haberdashery and BBQ day, heading up towards northern Kentucky and checking out the thrift stores. Some places were amazing, and I managed to get a handful more sweaters. Some places, not so much.

I even got to see the Walking Dead mural done in Cynthiana, Ky. The writer is from there!Two-Step TB Test - WK 2 - It Could Be Worse

Saturday night was spent at Slainte and Sunday afternoon at Country Boy. Having got lucky, the weather here has been more than nice, so spending time outside on a patio or playing corn hole is a must, even if I lose.

I had a little too much fun on Sunday, which will explain my lack of sharing a blog post. I feel bad procrastinating but I cannot always plan which days are going to work. I’m trying though, I promise.

Mondays are for homework, like always, with another homework day on Tuesday! This week had quite a lot of work due, so our professor offered another day to finish. So, instead of too much homework on Monday, Bilbo got a nice walk at Great Crossings Park and I got to run errands in between.Two-Step TB Test - WK 2 - It Could Be Worse

So Tuesday, finally, I finished my paper and I could finish this blog up, too. I also added more green to my hair, something I hadn’t done in a while.

As for my body, I cannot complain enough about my hands and my thumbs. My right hurts all the time, so it is about time that I see Occupational Therapy next week. Plus, my second toe is now aching.  I can’t win for losing.

I’ll see Neurology, as well as Mental Health this week, with yet another appointment, I’ll see the dentist, too.

My underarm has another spot that is irritating me, possibly more reason to believe I am getting hidradenitis suppurativa, another issue that cannot be fixed.

The nerves in my right breast continue to hurt, while I fight migraines and stomach pain off and on. I am curious what GI will say this month, too, since it is the same week as my next Remicade infusion. I know, that’s a lot of appointments this month already.

I had planned on waiting until afternoon Wednesday (today) to share this blog, but it is 1:40 am and I am wide awake, so why not finish, right?

And nope. Just like that I got overwhelmingly tired and considering my insomnia spells all the time, I went straight to bed. If I can get tired enough then maybe I’ll sleep. So I had to walk away.Two-Step TB Test - WK 2 - It Could Be Worse

Today, I could finally finish. I am so sorry. it Could Be Worse.



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