5 Months Post-Op — Back to WV

Now that my birthday celebrations have settled down, let’s talk about my ribs. 

I am just shy of being 5 months post-op and I’ve been having pains in my ribs again since week 9 post-op. 

I spoke with my surgeon, the amazing Dr. Hansen, and I was given a round of steroids to see if my pain was from inflammation or infection. 

After the steroids, I felt no better in my thoracic area, and each week gets harder. I want to move, do things, be involved, and I do, but I pay for it later. 

This week I will be making the trip to West Virginia again for another consultation with Dr. H. Because I am one of his Slipping Rib Syndrome ‘babies’ and I have had surgery with him, he wants to put eyes on my surgical side and do a physical exam to see what is happening. 

No, I am not happy to have to make another trip out to WV but I am happy that Dr. H takes my pain seriously and he cares that I am still having some issues. I refuse to see the VA for my ribs anymore.

The best-case scenario would be that this is just my body healing from this procedure and all of the others before it. Worst case scenario would be that I’ve pulled something, loosened something, or there needs to be a revision of the sutures inside me. 

I’m hoping for the best-case scenario but I know I’m in good hands with Dr. H if a revision is needed. But again, we won’t know anything until he puts eyes on me and feels my ribs, and even then we may not know. 

When I tell you these ribs aren’t easy, I mean it. 

I am hopeful that Dr. H can help me figure out what’s going and give me peace of mind or a plan moving forward. 

Til then, I gotta stop being so funny and cracking myself up.

For me, It Could Be Worse.

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