Slipping Rib Syndrome – One Month Post-Op

Today marks 10 weeks post-op from my Slipping Rib Syndrome surgery and at 1 month post-op I had a virtual follow-up with the always amazing Dr. Hansen. I will probably need another follow-up before my next scheduled appointment in June.

We discussed my back pain and on-and-off nausea since surgery. We also talked about the rib binder I wore for 3 weeks. I haven’t worn it this week but I will be wearing it again for a few more weeks. The fluid build-up is still a little ‘pudgy’ and needs to go down some more.

I will have another follow-up with him again in June to see how I am doing with these ribs. This being my 6th thoracic surgery, it takes me a little longer to fully heal versus one-and-done.

I have to say that I am always so grateful and thankful for Dr. Hansen and Mrs. Lisa. They are always so kind and to have a doctor really listen to me and take my word that something was wrong again in my ribs is life-changing.

And, I got the video footage from surgery and I am always so happy to watch them and see what went on first-hand with my ribs. Enjoy.

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