Schools Out For Ever

I was going to blog earlier this week but it was the first Monday in over two years that I haven’t had to worry about homework and the week caught up with me too soon. I didn’t have to stress about an essay or paper due and I didn’t have to think about learning teams or participation, I only had a few things I needed to accomplish and so I didn’t do much. I did absolutely nothing but sleep on Monday in celebration.
A few days later for blogging never hurt anyone.
So, it has been 10 days since my last real post, My Bachelor’s Degree Journey, but it has been 12 days since my last blog update otherwise. I did share about WEGO Health nominations today, as I was nominated for Best Kept Secret.
Schools Out For Ever
The WEGO Health nominations take endorsements, so continuing with your endless support of my blog and my personal journey could mean a trip to Boston for myself to be acknowledged. You can find the page to endorse me Here.
My last real post, I had just had my Entyvio Infusion and celebrated the wedding of friends. I did end up canceling a ton of plans, canceling a number of photo shoots and what have you. My body has not been friendly but I’m still trying.

I continue to spend my Sundays in Lexington seeing the fake boyfriend, Nick of Sundy Best. There are only like two weeks left of their Summer of Sundy and I will be so sad when its over. You all have to check them out. I am beyond obsessed. And lo and behold, I get to see them twice this week! Stay tuned for my Facebook live videos on my personal facebook for videos and music from their shows.

Last week beforehand, I got to participate in A model meet up, shooting with numerous photographers and meeting new people. I’m loving the spooky sets!
I submitted another article for my IBD News Today column, this time beginning a series on Crohn’s disease unreliability and how the disease can affect your physical and mental health. See Crohn’s Disease Health: Unreliability is a Sure Thing.
In this three part series, I discuss my personal journey as well, and each article is my opinion and perspective.  I kind of have to say that now when people strongly disagree with my take and personal view.

But, lucky for me, IBD News asked that I start off their Facebook Chats! Today I hosted an Ask Me Anything chat on the IBD News Page and answered some questions about my Crohn’s journey, my opinions, and my articles. Hopefully, soon I’ll host a Facebook Live Chat and I’ll get to answer your questions live instead of via text. 🙂

I am still waiting on my background check with the Phlebotomy career. I have submitted all of my paperwork for multiple offers, so now we wait. I do have a Pre-Employment Physical scheduled in the next week, with a need for my fingerprints and all that jazz. I am still hopeful for the VA position but I am also looking forward to hearing back about a position in a federal facility (prison)!
As for my body and Crohn’s, I did schedule my 3 months follow up with my GI doctor. I cannot see Dr. S until September so we will see how I feel after my next Entyvio infusion, which will be my third.

After my last one. I think my body took it kind of hard. I was exhausted, my body ached all over, tender to the touch, with migraines and just feeling off all week long.

I still get my wild insomnia nights. I wake up early and I go to sleep late. I see a lot of sunrises but I wish I had more sleep.
I still have on and off nausea regardless of my food or diet. My skin isn’t as bad this week, so perhaps my flare is settling down or it is just the off week for my skin.
I always suspect new illnesses constantly. Like this week, I wonder about Gout. Where my joints have been aching in my hands, my elbows, my feet, and toes. I may need to test to check if there is something wrong because it has been a constant pain here as of late.

If it is gout arthritis, then I need to check for uric acid crystal buildups. If it is, then medication can help, like steroids or anti-inflammatory medication made for gout. I am sure I will be referred from Physical Therapy to a Rheumatologist, or another doctor to figure out this ailment.

My big toes hurt more than they should and that happens to be a major symptom. The pain comes and goes, it swells, it turns red and it hurts like crazy. If it is gout, I have to see a doctor and get started on medications or else it will just continue.
I can never seem to fix one issue before gaining another.

I have two styes that started on my left eye, so I’ve been nursing that eye back to health. I have had numerous days of swollen lymph nodes in my throat and underarms. I have yet to speak to dermatology about the disease Hidradenitis Suppurativa, the awfully painful skin condition that leads to lumps in odd places, like the armpit and groin area.

I still take all my medications, all 10 pills throughout the day. Gabapentin and Imuran. Lexapro, Nortriptyline, and Acyclovir. I’ll have my next infusion on the third and I am waiting to hear back about my MRI that I fell asleep during.
I have a neurologist appointment in a week or so, and I can continue my migraine medications. They said they would not fill the prescription unless I see one of their doctors, but last time I felt very vulnerable and disrespected having found out the doctor was reading my mental health therapist notes. I requested a new doctor, so we shall see. And I got two bottles of my Sumatriptan today, actually.
With my migraine medicine, I could finally color my hair again.  It was long overdue for a green refresher, but sometimes too much stimulation or weight on my head can induce a migraine, the smells of the color can bother me – even though it is fruity smelling – and that is the last thing I want is to cause pain without having meds to help preventative measures.Schools Out For Ever
And so far, that kind of wraps up my last few days. Tomorrow being Friday, I prepare for another week and begin another weekend.
For me, It Could Be Worse.


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